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  1. V4cK

    Virtual xposed stop

    When i put app on virtual xposed he says aplication stop and dont work im not root
  2. V4cK

    Help me parallel space

    Hello, i have a problem with parallel space, i put the game in parallel, but when i start the game he is in black screen, and after close the game, my friends use parallel space with the same game and works fine, the game is arena of valor
  3. V4cK

    Game is closed

    How to find thats hack or buy thats hacks? i unninstal the root, install parallel space but when i start the arena in the parallel the screen is black and this close:(
  4. V4cK

    Help virtual spaces

    Hi, im not root, im using parallel space, but when i start the game on parallel space is black screen and is close automatically, without parallel space its work perflecty, the game is 64bits and i use 64bits support
  5. V4cK

    Game is closed

    Hi. when i search any value or ejecut script my game is crashed and says GAME DIED ERROR, im root, the game is arena of valor
  6. V4cK

    Game died error

    Always inject script on any games and play for five minutes gameguardian is crash and says GAME DIED i have root
  7. I have error connection with scripts on AOV
  8. Hello, i have root and GG, when inject script on ARENA OF VALOR gameGuardian is closed and says GAME DIED
  9. V4cK

    Help GG arena of valor

    Hi, i have root no mi phone, i Neee script arena of valor, this script dont work, when inject the script GG says GAME DEAD and close, help pls:(
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