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  1. It's posted at the beginning of this thread. It's a Russian forum and you must register to it.
  2. What am I doing wrong? I can't hack the item level. Video recorded
  3. Yes, the error it's 'cause you're not registered. Here a guide to register: https://doorsgeek.blogspot.com/2015/08/4pdaru-loginregister-captcha-tutorial.html but you can find guides on google. Attached there's the file uploaded by Ivovo with cosmetic points added after my request and here below the changelog and guide to use the file. CHANGELOG: Added cosmetic points hack Seasonal menu was reworked to Events menu for hacking all active events Events menu was designed to hack only seasonal events, non seasonal events you hack on your own risk GUIDE: Download and unzip to any location on your device’s memory. Open GameGuardian, select the game process, then open the "Search" tab (second), click on the rightmost "Menu" button a little lower. In the menu that opens, find the item "Run script" Select the script unpacked from the archive and then play with it. com.makingfun.mageandminions.zip
  4. I've tried to edit the script without any success. It's the first time I open a Lua but the real problem is that I don't know how to find correct addresses. If someone would teach me the basics I'll be glad to update the code.
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