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  1. 1 hour ago, ohright said:

    Thank you for answering my question ! But I'm sorry that I know nothing about code.Could you please explain in more detail?Use loader?I don't know what you mean.Where can i find the loader? Thank you

    u can find it in GG built in features .
    when u are choosing script , above of "execute" button here is "more" button .
    press it , then u will see 3 option : Dissambler , log all GG calls and loader .
    middle one is loader , press it , select path where u want to be created loaded file and it will load and u will get data which is executing by load() function .
    i cant explain better (with texts) .

  2. SCToolsHGO.lua

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    not bad .

    BTW it fails in some cases , because it's encoding patterns are too weak .

    i think that uses '"(.-)"'--for strings

    and may be gg%.(.-)%( and same on os .

    but idea not bad : )

  3. DER6.0AGGS.lua

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    4 hours ago, samedoezek said:

    whats about ???

    nothing , its Version checker .

    ev is variable name which is in offline moded chunk and env for online , when he will update script , he will edit and it will give you notificarion about it .

    [added 2 minutes later]
    4 hours ago, Help_Quit said:

    @TopGEOYT You boss? Don't be like a boss. I think nothing answer for your question .

    my reaction was WTF ?


    What is problem? @TopGEOYT Give questions that are not silly.

    i seen that he used Revo's formula for "his" encryption , its why asked him expalining of this .

    but if he want he can be quiet , its his choice 💁🏼‍♂

  4. DER6.0AGGS.lua

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    you created this for Modify Revo's chunk but ...

    looks like that you use his encryption .

    look :

      function L2_26(A0_101, A1_102)
        local L2_103
        L2_103 = 1
          table.insert({}, A0_101[A1_102[L2_103]][A1_102[L2_103 + 1]])
          L2_103 = L2_103 + 2
        until L2_103 > 20
        return {}

    its part of Revo's decoding formula which i found in your script .

    local getKey = function(j, k)
        local m, o = 1, {}
      repeat table.insert(o, j[k[m] ][k[m+1] ])
        m = m + 2
        until m > 20
      return o

    and its original .

    can you expalin me what is it ?

    do you still use Revo's encryption ?

    i also found Revo's Keys in your script .

    here is full formula , Revo_L , Revo_A , getkey and R_ .

  5. Script compiler

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    1 minute ago, RALFCRAFTERYT said:

    haha im just messing whit enby haha


    Ok , but (i think) he will ignore this question , as i told its completely absurd so . . . 

  6. Script compiler

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    4 minutes ago, RALFCRAFTERYT said:

    brother tg i just want to tell enby to create a command sound

    I think its completely absurd , because since GG is for hack games , we does not need any sounds/musics there .

  7. Script compiler

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    Just now, RALFCRAFTERYT said:

    can you add in youre gg a sound like gg.sound("on") ty if you done that

    game gurdian doesnot have this command "gg.sound"

    May be you seen in modified GG(s) .

    In official GG here is not anything same .

  8. Subway Surfers V4

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    I am still learning

    Its good , carry on .


    Yeah you are smart with random bytecodes

    I dont think like this .


    I bypassed it

    Not you , you just clicked on checkbox in apk , my public enc , its easy to remove chunk .

    Just disable case where is code which crushs SSTool .


  9. Subway Surfers V4

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    4 minutes ago, Affann said:

    Ok but I just wanted to say I am now able to "decrypt" this.


    Lol , SSTool .

    Ok , go and try to dec my enc by this .

    Publiced enc is easy to dec but try PAID enc .

    Nothinf can remove this chunk , if you dont know lua bytecode .

    U need to edit chunk but in my enc chunk bytes are random so it will tske days to dec small script (need much skils) .

    In the past when i got SSTool , i thought i was unstopable after this , but you will know soon that you (SSTool) are not nothing with modern encryption ✌

  10. Subway Surfers V4

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    2 hours ago, Affann said:

    Also i have question .

    Its just question , if u want ignore it 😂

    In ur "decrypted" script , this Two dashes for start a one-line texts , its after you decrypted script ?

    I mean that when u remove string.dump from script , this 2 dashes was inside of script ?😂

    [added 1 minute later]
    1 minute ago, Affann said:

    my English is better.

    Stop being like child .

    Its like my superman clothes are better than your spiderman clothes .

  11. Subway Surfers V4

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    7 minutes ago, Affann said:

    Lmao its not log, try to run it from gg and it runs. This is decryption

    [added 0 minutes later]

    Idiot this is not a log. Logs cannot be executed.. This is a REWRITE.

    [added 1 minute later]

    I do know what it means. My English 100000x better than yours. You should not waste your time but pay more attention to your English class because clearly you are the idiot here.

    Loader , sstool or any decryptor and finnally this encoded function cant be deocded by decompiler and u loged or remeber some codes and then add manually .


    My English 100000x better than yours.

    Lol .

    Its like child .

  12. Hello .

    I am here to tell you about your encryption .

    Now encrypt lua by Revo isnot safe .

    It doesnot have any matter you will encrypt with V1.0 or V6.0 encryption .

    All version can be fully decoded .

    So my advice is that dont use this encryption anymore haha .


    Join LUADec official channel on telegram .

    There is uploading decrypted scripts everyday (Revo6.0 decrypted Scripts Too):


  13. Script compiler

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    What effect does this thing have?

    It is for by pass some protections like revo .

    Without it , Encryption will detect that loadfile == true and it will do exit .

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