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  1. Ok, good to know. That means that there are no unrevealed buildings that I am aware of....edit...I just watched that Amrit vid and it is a new one. So it might still be unrevealed officially. Amrit unlocked it and so have I. I guess no one else has it though. ?
  2. This one. Note it doesn’t have a Chinese New Year sticker. Perhaps it is an old park. I’m not sure
  3. I’m not sure which are season 1 to 6 tell me what they are and i will check. .....I checked...I have all the seasons. Castles was season 1. I have those you’ll see in the video I think. They cannot remove buildings from the game anyway, otherwise folks would have gaps in their map.
  4. Yup. Everything I am doing is staying on the good side. The nofear method works for standard items. War items, war cards and buildings. I just accidentally gave myself three epic departments. I think it’s a different image fit gold silver and bronze. Basically I now give myself very little simcash. Just a bit to clear a few hurdles like opening the vu tower quickly. And yes dr nookie on you tube.
  5. Hi, I did use the neomall, but I’ve figured out a way of doing this at level 1 today. It’s using a trick that nofear posted earlier to give items when faking a residential building upgrade. Basically I can build/acquire whatever I want from level 1 and not spend a single simcash or key. I can unlock a single building, or I can give myself 10000 of each building. The trick is knowing where in the ordered list of building your target building is. So for valentines I just started giving myself all the parks until I found the valentines ones then gave myself lots. In the valentine parks you also get love beach and bridge too, even though they are not parks. I.e. some things are not in the order you expect. i can also do the war cards and mayors challenge, but like you I don’t actually use my “power” in that. Plus I don’t edit my main city...I lost A LOT of cities to the naughty side. Now I keep everything good side. I can also give myself simcash too if I want but that is the danger zone. Actually I do have a video, @TechnoQueen already found me on YouTube.
  6. I’ve just learned how to do it. I can unlock every building/landscape etc that was ever in the game. Including the lays/ruffles parks shown above, plus one I think hasn’t been revealed yet, all the com from the first season up to and including the ones in the next season, even have many (more than 9) maxis manors, regional utilities, neo facilities. I was thinking to do a video.
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