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  1. I have gotten a hack to work for it, I will upload my txt file for it, everyone at 99999 brv and top characters infinite abilities, you must hide it with 3 and 4
  2. before looking for the value you must select option 3 to hide the GG of the games and you can not use the option to pause the game. To find the values of BRV need to start a battle, and search the value of how much BRV any of your characters have, an example imagine you have the cloud - 546/4058, the value you will look for is the 546 ... before searching the value needs to check the option to search for the encrypted value, then you wait for the search to finish, it takes a while because of anti-anticheat, then you use BRV attacks and each time you fill the BRV of the character you are looking for the value you redo the search, until there are 4 values left, then you can delete the two unencrypted and the first encrypted value is what you will change to have 99999 of BRV and damage. usually the value will look like this: -1.709.205 may end up being higher or lower, but it will be quite different. you can not change the value to 9999999, you only need to change 1 number of the value, for example: if you have the value 948.756.505, you would change the 4 to 6. however you are going to test, you will know if it worked in the game appears 99999 / Max. After finding the value it remains the same for that character slot, even if you put another character, sometimes buga and need to change change the value again. It may be kind of confusing
  3. Hey everyone my name is Mar (Nanoedbrute) and I just wanted to join so I could share my tutorial for Dissidia Opera Omnia JPN, I hope I can help out
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