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  1. JohnJr1

    Paradise Island 2

    Hello all, good afternoon. I tried to hack paradise island with the video instruction on sbenny #nofear posted way back in 2018, but the search doesn't f I splay results sadly. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I'd like to hack items like boatgears, fish, anything that is in the warehouse and needed to progress in the game, Thanx and cheers John
  2. I've been searching many places to find a solution for this matter too, sadly all I found was start over. I have several accs, the older ones were available again but newer accs didn't work anymore at lvl 15
  3. This shows how to max out comic hand only. It would've been more worth ur effort if you would point us in a direction on how to find the first identifier for each war card. All you showed is already available on YouTube, so hopefully you will help us with this....
  4. I can't find it, it's not on GG. Can't you give a link or address where to sesrch(?
  5. Yo technoqueen, I appreciate all help and directions we get here about SimCity buildit. This clue however will wreck our games since there's to many 'two negative values in a row' I tried to paste found values according to your clue into the neomall, I think I just broke the ' crash my game as often as I can' record. If you really did it like that then put the right and more specific instructions , otherwise leave it in the future please. And no, I'm not some lame lazy dude, I'm trying to learn and have fun using GG and don't mind putting in lots of trying and lots of time. Cheers, John
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