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  1. Try to bypass the game with SudoHide but idk what to do ingame. Game resource (gold, diamonds) are server sided. But the damage output/hp maybe client sided. Speedhack make the game force closed. Hope you guys can make some lua script for this new game.
  2. Okay just to the point, does anyone know how find the dice emoji value? So I can freeze it to 6? For example I play Hago here, just want to know how I can always get six. Tried dword search and fuzzy search but still can't. I will be thankful if you can help me up Thanks!
  3. Can you help me to hack this funny game? Well the game is very addicting. Tried to change the HP so my toon cant die but its always gave me error notice. So I started to think that hp is server sided. So I need help to found a hack for this game. Any hack shld be fine, and that will be helpful. Thx!
  4. Hey can you make infinitie boost on this game? This game is currentlt on close beta test phase, I think u can download the game 2 days from now. Ill give you the playstore link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.garena.game.fctw
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