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    If you find the games on which it works - report here. It will be useful to write an example of work on a real game.
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    Also video must be short as possible. So better crop part after test on first zombie.
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    @zam535582 Instead of setting up magic in editing, you must enable show the Double data type in the memory editor and edit the data directly.
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    With any virtual space which allow hidden install app to it, and allow get root for apps inside it. [added 0 minutes later] Parallel space do not allow hidden install apps. App must be installed on system, so this not work.
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    Reverse endian is same as hex in hex editor. Usual order as hex number. If You want same order bytes as in hex editor (like in IDA) you need reverse hex. I use IDA for find this instruction so I use reverse HEX.
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    You can not take and so just write an example of hacking on video. First you need to find the right game. This is a lot of time wasted. Then you need to hack it and record a video. Still, the video will be the same magical and not understandable. I do not have this all the time. That is why GG Victim was created, so as not to waste all this time.
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    Hi bro I'm not found video about hack the XP, help please
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    IDK. Try talk with support if such exists.
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    It is need a lot of free internal memory. Something around 1.5-2 GB.
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    You can download the macro recorder from here.Once downloaded recording the script file is easy just click on start record your actions stop and save. For advanced scripting options look at the documentation found in the app.
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    Isn't GameGuardian only used to speed up/slow down the game? You are also using a HiroMacro script (not provided here) to apply the hack or am I misunderstanding something.
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    Or increase offset, or increase depth. Or both. Or search another method.
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    You have to make a search first! It only work if values are available in search list!
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    This is not a silver bullet. This does not work for all values or for all games.
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    What does not work? I'm not a mind reader. Write clearly and with examples. For example, with video. Everything works for me. [added 4 minutes later] w_half_mute.mp4
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    I do not understand anything. Writing a zero before 256 does not change anything. 0256 is the same as 256. If the script does not load anything, then the found chains are wrong. Try increasing the depth and / or offset. If this does not work, then it does not work with this game.
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    Game restore paused state. I decide cancel it and kill game again.
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    Depth is the number of chain pointers you can have. It is when you have to work with multipointers. The more depth, the more results and search time, but also the more chance to find a static pointer. You can let it to default but if you don't find anything, try a bigger offset or a bigger depth, 3 should be eniugh for most games.
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    in Hill climb racing both coins and gems placed directly in .bss. So chainer is useless for that. Saved list is enough.
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    @Enyby If you want to make another tutorial must try Hill climb racing. As this chainer.lua script is working very well in it with depth=3 and offset=256 I am also sharing script for coins and diamonds for your ease. This game would be best to showcase ability of your script as of now. com.fingersoft.hillclimb.lua
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    thanx for your comments...really appreciate it. my intention was for some one who not very familiar with GG or never use it before. step by step...like i was before. dont hate me...im still a noob.
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    IDK. Maybe bug for render checkbox state in this emulator/firmware. For me all ok in LDPlayer.
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    Wow, I'm amazed, and so excited! Thanks for your great work, I would never had waited for a disassembler in GG, but you did it. I'll learn as much as I can from this and I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy this too! However I still don't really understand why you have to search for the opcode in reverse endian? This endian stuff always disrupt me.
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    All depends from you. I do not think this is can be easy. Javascript is virtual machine. So you try modify app inside this VM.
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    I dont understand what this does really. It looks like it could be usefull, just dunno in what way xD Nevermind, Holy ***** this is Insane. Nice ***** Job holy d***
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    I know code. I read assembler codes. So if wrong code passed it must moved 0 to register. I replace it with move 1. So check always pass and never fail.
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    do you have a pointers on MHS android i try to hack the ID of equipment and misc. item but when i did it i got x0 owned and when i return to menu and back it will gone any idea??
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    how do We find 65383324 at the first place tho? is there a search method for this that i can learn thanks alot for the effort ???
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    From some video on Youtube. I think it can be found via usual search for xor key. As explained in one video here. Yes it is XOR key. This video just fast example how formula calculator can be used on real game. It is more powerful and allow any formula, not only XOR.
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    I am trying to download the parallel space optimized version but I can't download it properly on Gioneep7 max plzz tell me how to download parallel space properly
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    OPPO A3's Android Oreo 8.1 can't run the app
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    @LostMyth I can find out the address, but unable to edit the value (#1sds9id0)
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    If you could explain what exactly you are doing (especially part when you go to coin address), that would be great.
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    If anyone wants godmode hack it is easy. Search for the bonus and items gives. For example an item gives 138 power and -130 endurance. Search 138:-130 Float. If there are more than 2 results, increment edit to find the right one. Edit the power value to something like 999999999 ??? FEEL op as you 1 hit bosses
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