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    Everything depends on the emulator. For example, TianTian even installs GG Tester with ARM libraries, despite the fact that there is x86. On some emulators and on some games, the problem definitely exists.
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    Then you should be grateful that someone who can see the comments pointed you to the answer to your question, shouldn't you? And the explanation may be still useful for someone else.
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    This question is answered in the comment above yours, but it seems that you don't understand how nearby search works, so I will try to clarify. Nearby search works just like normal search, but it only searches for values at within certain distance before and/or after target value. For example, target value's address is 12345000 in hex. If you choose distance 1000 (also in hex) and select "Before" and "After", then the search will be performed only in the following range of addresses: [12345000 - 1000; 12345000 + 1000], i.e. from 12344000 to 12346000. You can achieve the same effect by inputting these numbers in "From" and "To" fields of the normal search dialog. At this point it should be obvious, how can you use this feature in script. If it's not, read the comment above yours, then try to find the answer in documentation for "searchNumber" function.
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    No. You can use strings like '~A MOV R0, R4' as value in all appropriate places in script, like edtAll, setValues and so on. When it done. Before x64 will be Coproc, NEON, Thumb.
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    pm install -r --abi armeabi-v7a /data/app/com.example.pkg-1/base.apk reinstall game with arm libs. You only need specify proper path instead of /data/app/com.example.pkg-1/base.apk After that activate speedhack in GG and you can record video with example.
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    Score hack too easy. After win first race search 250. After win second - 500. Edit all (two values) to 500.000. Now you get 29 lvl + all possible SP for open all stunts.
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    I had to move my cursor to show that the video did not hang, because nothing happened for about 30 seconds. And this is only for 10,000 elements. If I put 100,000 elements, then the waiting time would increase not 10, but 100 times. And in the new version - only 10 times. So the new version allows you to save 100,000 elements in about 2 seconds, while the old one does the same in about 40 minutes.
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    It looks like this is the work of virtual space. It replaces the path "on the fly." The application writes to the memory card, but due to the substitution, it gets here. Perhaps this can be disabled somewhere in the settings, I do not know. Because of this substitution, in order to transfer data between virtual spaces, you will have to move them yourself so that Virtual Backup sees them from another virtual space. Everything that exists in the virtual space is one application. Which has access to its data. Therefore, the root is not needed. The application has the right to dispose of its data itself. For example, copy them to a memory card. In this case, the game data, from the point of view of the android, and the data of Virtual Backup, is the data of one large Parallel Space application that does something with them. And root is not needed. For example, you can put a file manager into virtual space and operate on paths and internal data, if you know them. I did several mods of file managers for this on 4pda.ru. I will not flood them here. If you want, you will find them there yourself. Just do not bother me with questions about how to download on 4pda or how to use these mods. And sort it out yourself, or don’t get into it at all. The data folder exists in both 64-bit and 32-bit space. 32 and 64 spaces are two different applications, each with its own data. Most often, if there is 64 folder, then 32 folder is empty or it is not available at all. So if there is 64, then copying 32 is pointless, usually. The list of applications is compiled by a list of folders. So if there is an empty folder there, then the application will be on the list. In general, the utility is very simple. I am not going to develop it and "lick" it.
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    i don't get that clearly...can u please explain how to create a speed hack script ? for any racing game ?! please sir
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    the video is very good, a pity that for famous games it is easy to detect (free fire, pubg, cod), at least in my tests here ... but it works very well in simple games
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    All complains write to https://forum.cheatengine.org/
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    You always can try use Cheat Engine (or another tool) for understand: GG is not as bad as it could be.
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    PC not need. https://cheatengine.org/download/CheatEngine.apk
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    Yes useful for me, thank you so much for the observation. But i don't know much about hex. I know Just the address and the values i search for it .
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    Love to rush it.... Can't rush perfection Thank you for all you do and provide.
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    You are the best, thank you for the patience with which you help, everything turned out, thank you again
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    Unfortunately, I could not find a single game where I could apply this useful innovation, and you?
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    Hi Enyby Speed hack work well but i can't change time it's speed the game/Character time don't change it's beacuse protect by dev??
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    Hi bro I'm not found video about hack the XP, help please
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    Try ask vmos support via facebook. They respond there. https://www.facebook.com/pg/vmosglobal/posts/ Or use email from official site at bottom page: https://www.vmos.com/ [added 1 minute later] For example, they answer about GG to someone: https://www.facebook.com/vmosglobal/photos/a.385928872126175/385962268789502/?type=3&__xts__[0]=68.ARBt24YUGJYEJ33UNtOuyHMHrYLZissAOfnOtZ4SCeeB1TEUMKu9Seu3EIweomYDWY4bNSA4MdGhHxFl6slAmEIk4MjPL78efkiijTCgFHoR2rJo_D8OxIaRHN-mfEutk0A6X62oTy77jhcNSI_HgI050bRclA1Th0f2YC8vCkLyyLUeXa6evdU2qOOGVVOeJ5IZr7rMpZHT-lE1YCLU03A5R3sGCvWoB_lH6DriyleqnVgIXu6dsbzI-iDGPLIbIG8wXN124AOq5fmTtNfX0xPER2us6fgo&__tn__=-R [added 2 minutes later] https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/how-to-double-android-free-t3951311?fbclid=IwAR3fNgTLOQfonzcogvUAlxTq7ribIco7idAQJvF-WMugaERRKpWP3dyo7LU [added 2 minutes later]
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    IDK. Try talk with support if such exists.
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    I have Redmi note 5 pro and it's running on Android pie (9) I don't know why virtualxposed is force closing everytime I try to open it before upgrading to pie everything was working fine. Help me pls @Enyby
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    You can download the macro recorder from here.Once downloaded recording the script file is easy just click on start record your actions stop and save. For advanced scripting options look at the documentation found in the app.
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    It is not my video. I only repost it. In description you can see credits of author. I do not have any file. [added 2 minutes later] Source: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=72033784 https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=375352&view=findpost&p=70520093 Look like file is easy and you must create it yourself.
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    Isn't GameGuardian only used to speed up/slow down the game? You are also using a HiroMacro script (not provided here) to apply the hack or am I misunderstanding something.
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    Also video must be short as possible. So better crop part after test on first zombie.
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    @zam535582 Instead of setting up magic in editing, you must enable show the Double data type in the memory editor and edit the data directly.
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    Same for me. It would be nice to find a script to bypass their servers and playing pvp. Please help
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    From some video on Youtube. I think it can be found via usual search for xor key. As explained in one video here. Yes it is XOR key. This video just fast example how formula calculator can be used on real game. It is more powerful and allow any formula, not only XOR.
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    How to recover all the calls made by the script to gg. Function and parameter It's a bit long but it should me allow to recreate the functions that interests me.
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    Hi! Please make a war robots hack video tutorial if you can ?
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    Many apps like this now... Crazy. Found virtual xposed too be the fastest... Curious where this one stands.
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    If you could explain what exactly you are doing (especially part when you go to coin address), that would be great.
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    big help for this hack. thankyou very much. but can i ask you, where did you get the value of this?29550;(your gold);1000::20. where did you get the 29,550 and the 1000? and 20? but the middle of them. i know it's a value of my gold. but in the rest i don't know. thankyou . please tell me, where did i get those value.
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    nice tutorial this one seems to be more professional explaned. although I had to talk in voice because my typing spelling is more more awfull then my english talking, I probably was going to Chinese if I typed
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    Well done. What if you edit stars to -2147483647 then spend them?
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    No. Language does not matter. All labels and items stay on same places on any language. Numbers is numbers in any language. I do not see any problem.

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