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    Sir @Enyby Kindly make an update of the Lua script for Eternium 1.4.15 please, the latest lua script here is not working with the new version of eternium, thank you . com.makingfun.mageandminions.lua
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    Pizza help....now parallel space not support google id..This problem was last 4 days....plzz Salf this.
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    @Zig Can you share that how you figured out correct offset to fuel ! Beacause it got too many and can't figure out which one would be correct? Thnx Script is good
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    Hello @HexorYt . I like your script . I dont play pubg . I just wanted to see your script system . As i notice you were working hard . It ia good job but it have very weak system . You need to add Pubg detect system and change enceyption Because less than 1 minute i got full decrypt : I hope you will forseen my advise. Trust me it is easiest to get source codes from your script . anyone can it . so change encryption method .
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    Antenna = Ban almost instantly No recoil = Banned after 4 games color = Doesn't work Wallhack = Doesn't work AimBot = Doesn't work Magic Bullet = Doesn't work Change skins = Works client side "Can't change skins manually" BlackSky = Doesn't work Anti-ban = Doesn't appear to have any effect
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    15$ for a s*** LDOE Script dude are u ***** *****??? Please think about this stupid price thank you.
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    So the script is working but it is useless. It is not even faster than just downloading the new update from the gg website. Another thing which annoys me is that the script is getting updated every day without any improvement so it is getting listed at the top of the website...
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    Just a little bug maybe, its failed run daemon? I am tested in nougat device
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    It works great! Thanks! Only problem is that the item hack (scrolls) not working.
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    Great script, Bullet Force is updated to 1.58. Can you update the script?
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    Health hack not work can u other features for rewards..
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    Sir, can you update the latest script? Thank you!! @Enbys
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    Please make tutorial video for police stations, i dont know to use it, alwasy fail when copy adders.
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    Who made "War robots" script ? Can you mention him here ?
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    This is the best script! It's work for me! Thank you @ExtremeBoy
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    Can u add a tutorial video because i dont know to use which virtual space or of it's root then what shall i do
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    where and how to buy this script?
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    The hack work perfectly but has problem 1 everytime I do it a high buzzing sounded happen and breaks the game Something I would recommend 1 a level hack would be nice 2 a gold hack too to get better weapons
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    Exp/money doesn't work. If you help me I'll give 5 stars.
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    Can you fix it where google play services work in this app
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    I like the principle of working your script
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    You sir are my hero! I've subscribed to your channel! Thank you for your hard work!
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    Bad Enc... Open Source:https://pastebin.com/hfxPenbZ just let me enc the script
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    thanks bro https://rama-production.000webhostapp.com/Mega_Script_RUS/Megach/ keep update and english language bro
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    Perfect script , I use : WH , color , Head & magic bullet , less recoil My device is non root , i use virtual mod , GG V 77 & Veteran Vpn
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    Thank you for constantly updating the script of this game. The current version number of the game is 1.4.8. I hope you can update it again. We will always support you.
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    GameGuardian - memory editing tool. Also a messenger XD
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    Help! What do i do when this hapens? How to bypass it?
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    Please problem crash FREE FIRE
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    Very good and nice layout. Would you be interested in adding my weapon converter to your menu?
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    Quite useful tool for inspecting libraries in process memory. Thanks for the contribution.
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    Not working on the latest android No one is working with the latest android version....... Just parallel space works but we have the Pubg force close problem....
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    work only esp and antena
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    sorry bro, it's forced closed right after installation. it just opens, asks me to allow running in background and then closes. i redo the installation but it's still the same.
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    We need really a fix for PUBG, something is wrong.
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    We need a new Mod apk Pubg had an update today
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    Hate to leave a negative review but this was an old roblox menu I made but edited and reuploaded please don't steal my stuff.
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    it does not work when I refuse access to the internet the menus opens but when I click on the game it closes the script and when I allow access to the internet nothing happens

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