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    Is it supposed to be hard or something? Here are the log of calls to GG API functions from using that absolutely absurd "bypass" thing: Few additions and edits to Enyby's script compiler and that's it.
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    LoL you are funny like a rock, AS ALWAYS. First: guns of boom is sleeping right now you cannot get banned easly. Im using the *dangerous* scripts every day nothing happens Second: we don't care at all about your business poor kid, you have been forgotted, you Lost your potential customers with your arrogance. you know you are not welcome in gg forums and you keep saying that everyone is poor ? HOW many lambos do you have? (this guy is depressing)
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    Lol if this is "your code" that I "copy paste" as you put it, and you are so butthurt about it then why dont you send proof to an admin and have this taken down. Oh wait, you cant cause it's not your code cause i wrote it myself. Idiot ?? Here I'll even link ya big man- https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20188-lua-section-sellers-and-stolen-content/
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    Where did he say that? If you even bothered to actually look at the source you'd see I only used his base. Cause I dont encrypt my work and try to make money off kids(that's what an actual job is for) ?. You're just mad cause I'm giving people what you are too greedy to lol
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    don`t worry, I may changed my mind and give you for a cheaper price or free, you look like a interesting guy ?
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    What if you don't get 1st place on the first race will that break the function?. Will it still work if you get 1st on the second or third race? Cause my racing skills are bad like really bad
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    Not only from me, chambz/speedhck/wallshoot = me The autoheadshots and aimlocks saiaapz
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    hey could you please update the script.

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