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    Name of Game: last day on earth survival Summary of this topic by @NickTSPre: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17283-last-day-on-earth-survival/?do=findComment&comment=64193
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    Post moved to a separate topic: GameGuardian work without root (#jcig3ot)
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    This game is probably my most complex style of hacking. It's only recently I've started to utilize pointers, which is proving to be a wonderful method if you have the patience. Honestly, started when I was younger with Nintendo and PS2. I had game genie and game shark (memory hacking for console games). I loved it and got good at making my own codes for fun. Then I learned I could do the same on my phone (woot). So, it's been a series of trial and error with every game and developer. You learn how developers work over time and when they release a new game, you already have a basic understanding of their previous work. With pointers, or becomes VERY time consuming. Essentially, look for patterns. If you see a value repeat every so many lines and is a large value that seems to have no meaning, that's usually a value being pointed to. The pointer, is a dword value in hex of that address. So search the hex dword of address location and you find a pointer. When you find a useful value, ALWAYS look at everything nearby... Look for patterns, look for the "next" value. If you find hp, you scroll up you find "max hp" and further below hp you find defense (yes this is for LDOE). Then all the space between, look for patterns and pointers. Follow them in either direction for more useful info. Ex: find values of thirst/hunger (value is how much is missing). Nearby is a value being pointed to. Search hex of that address and when you goto location, you see the specs for the hunger/thirst. Has a value for rate hunger/thirst decrease. So essentially have it never decrease without "freezing" it. With memory hacking it really is trial and error. MANY MANY MANY crashes, banned accounts and 100% broken saves. As long as people show SOME effort, I don't mind helping.
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    Hello all, Today I am announcing, that we will be closing our mod/gamesave download section. Most of them have become outdated and are just taking up space on our server. With the section cleaned, we'll be able to more strongly focus on other aspects of our site (such as videos).
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    I made a video, hopefully you figure it out. I'm sure you know how to find values. The second value is just the dword above the Initial dword value I used 'goto' on. And we freeze them both if you need to you can unfreeze both to top up the original item to 20 so you can re split as 10 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6_TWYDVPgxpcGdzOFdaM0dCXzA/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Check e_machine from specific lib using GameGuardian. function GetLibraryTextBase(lib) for _, __ in pairs(gg.getRangesList(lib)) do --print(string.format("%s | Start: 0x%08x | End: 0x%08x | Size: 0x%x | State: %s | Protection: %s", lib, __["start"], __["end"], __["end"] - __["start"], __["state"], __["type"])) if __["state"] == "Xa" or __["state"] == "Xs" then return __["start"], __["end"] end end return nil end function GetLibraryArch(LibName) e_machine = GetLibraryTextBase(LibName) + 0x12 -- e_machine offset _ = {{address = e_machine, flags = gg.TYPE_WORD }} return gg.getValues(_)[1].value & 0xFFFF -- Format end Arch = GetLibraryArch("libc.so") -- http://www.sco.com/developers/gabi/2000-07-17/ch4.eheader.html if Arch == 40 then ArchName = "Advanced RISC Machines ARM: " else ArchName = "Unknown" end gg.alert(string.format("libc.so\n\nArchitecture: %s (0x%02X)", ArchName, Arch)) References: http://www.sco.com/developers/gabi/2000-07-17/ch4.eheader.html
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    Bro guns of boom updated to 4.9.0 version very recently so this cheats not working now,please update a new script thanku?
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    https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7398-gathering-information-about-gg-errors/ Install logcat recording app inside the virtual space and collect logcat during try run GG.
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    Gold still works Crates hacked in same method
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    If everyone in this thread could comment on that video pointing to this forum/me as the founder, that would be great. Anytime any of you find people stealing my work, discredit them in comments... I put a lot of effort into this hack, I can say with 100% certainty no one found this on their own. That's all I ask... If you ever find people stealing my work and not giving any credit, please call them out on it.

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