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    First of all why u added this fully unuseful code about YT detection ? inf = gg.getTargetInfo().packageName inff = gg.getTargetInfo().name pack = "com.google.android.youtube" if inf == pack then else gg.alert(" Game not detected Script created for: " .. "YOUTUBE" .. " Using: " .. gg.getTargetInfo().label .. " Go into the \"YOUTUBE\" and try it again") os.exit() end Lol its compiler and why we need yt for encryption ? Next : it is unuseful encryption . very easy to decrypt . i have fully decrypted this compiler in a few minutes . Yes it is fully decompiled . Sorry if u are angry or disparated but its everything true . It is unuseful encryption . Just use loader>unluac and script is decompiled . I gave u 3 star bcs i am understanding ur hardworking . Nothing more .
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    Quite useful tool for inspecting libraries in process memory. Thanks for the contribution.
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    Got banned at guest account when activating scripts. Plz dont use this new script. Bypass musnt be working v6 no problem v7 problem.
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    The comment section is too long so i put it here.. currenly the " Client APK " has currently update 1mb.. this would be the security of the Game.. so from now on please becareful using any cheat until the new mod apk appear TY!!
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    bullet tracking is detected !!!!
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    GameGuardian - memory editing tool. Also a messenger XD
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    Greatest job, genius! Thanks!
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    Very good and nice layout. Would you be interested in adding my weapon converter to your menu?
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    It have terrible and very weak protection system. I can block any server for one day
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    Why Always Disconnecting When Using It? Anybody Have A Solution For That?
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    Your hack didn't work well. Like Antenna head is from player butt not point to the sky. Also didn't include new functions in it..
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    Always headshot isn't working anymore since the last update.. please fix it.
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    Nice script all features work perfectly.. thank you and can't wait for the next wallshot
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    I can't download this link. How can I do? Please guide me for download. If may be known people,please tell me how shall I do?
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    Woow nice. Can u tell me how did u make this script only in 3kb.
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    Thanks bro you help me ly❤
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    It is a copy-paste but some of it does work with Samsung store 0.7.0 apk, the problem is that the cheats are all over the place. All Lobby cheats disappear when you enter the game; but work when you activate them in game, so technically all cheats are in game now with version 0.7.0. Magic bullet, AimBots and most colour cheats don't work with 0.7.0 apk.
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    Tnx it works perfectly fine.. can u guide me about it more when to activate because when i activate it,it works fine it that match after that i have to restart everything to make it work fine..
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    It's a Very Well made Menu! I Love it Can i add my Functions too?
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    now it is detected.. :/ i used 5-6 days no problem. but just now banned 10 years ( 2 main and test account)
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    In speed hack , after using for 30 sec , it shows eliminated, maybe system detects that our time is faster than server time and hence it eliminates us . Please fix it ? All other things are working fine
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    I think your YouTube channel got deleted because says it don't exist
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    Awesome! Good job! --- Mantap2. Takis bang! *Sorry for posting in incorrect language.... But I think I should just keep the translation here
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    Thanks for tutorial no hack detected
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    Skin Script Works! Drone Hack Works! 3D and Map Hack dont works
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    Цвет Raidown-Ban Apk Play market
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    The script is working but the whole code was stolen from another script. Because he is scared he obfuscated the code so nobody can see it. It is just disrespectfull for not giving credits. And you say that you did the cue changer: "The Cue Changer is now out if beta and its working". Just take the script down skiddy kiddy
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    Bro i think your script is alright and working, but i think your video instructions needs to be updated...for example i tried the gas tank hack and followed all the instructions in video but the value for which you do a pointer search is removed i think...i couldn't find it...please help
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    permanent ban for no recoil+fast shoot in safe mode...using given old apk of game amd newest gg...
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzbthAmxbbdqM3hEMDU4SDd1MXM/view?usp=drivesdk It's a very useful and a very good thing, but I want to remind all user, PLEASE DON'T HACK ON ONLINE EVENT !!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzbthAmxbbdqS0h1WmgtUnhIWmM/view?usp=drivesdk I never mind, because I think I can replay and hack it all back, of coarse not on online...
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    Banned for ever by using wheather hack and unknown hack (no grass, lava)
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    Well this is no copy and paste hack, you have to alter it's 'security' checks to get to the sweet stuff. It takes some time to read into it but after half a hour you should've got this one working. It seems that you need to use an other external tool (not in this forum) to utilize the hack without messing with the script by yourself. For our script kiddies I would suggest you to not download this one, as you won't be able to make use of it.
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    Always headshot isn't working anymore... I played two games my quest was get 6 headshots I killed 16 people in two games and I only got 3 headshots
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