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    As you can see, the time jump from the interface does not work. And from the panel - it works. You can also put the game on pause. This can also help. The game detects a loss of focus and resets time if it has changed when there was no focus. It can be used for their own purposes. For example, if the timer is useful, you can extend it by making a jump from the interface. In this game, it will restore it to its normal value. For example, this is useful for a booster timer, hoard, hat, or flower timer.
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    Watch on Youtube: 79.0: Fill. Edit multiple values at once - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: 80.0: Added copying selected items as UTF-8, UTF-16LE text or HEX - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: 80.0: Text (string, HEX, AoB) search - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: 79.0: Improved work with an external keyboard - GameGuardian
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    Watch on Youtube: 80.0: Improved work with time jump panel - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: 75.0: Explore /data/data in the path selector - GameGuardian
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    Money Cheat for Gameloft Game "Gangstar Vegas". Gangstar Vergas v1.0.0

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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: How to speed up search - GameGuardian

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