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    View File 8 Ball Pool Weekly Script V2 Password :-- Batman Subscribe My Channel || Use Latest Script Only My Channel Link :-https://youtube.com/channel/UCIhMel1BGDPFRdkSC3U_wqA Telegram Channel https://t.me/BlackStarX19_YT Telegram Group Chat https://t.me/BlackStarX19_YT_Chat_Group Submitter BlackStarX19 Submitted 02/13/2021 Category LUA scripts  
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    1) I have yet to see a person expect worship especially for a subpar script, and i'm not saying you haven't but I promise you that it isn't a majority like you're making it out to be 2)I try to actively provide positive feedback, and in the event that I am incapable of helping either due to incompetence, ignorance, or app security I try to tell them in the most understanding and non-condescending tone; However that is just me there are some over critical members and moderators, but in their defense alot of questions asked in the forums can get tiresome as some people ask questions that could be easier solved with a search or two. 3) The comment about the flip-phone? Thats not even a sly comment, it's literally just the fact that if it isn't a smartphone then it'd have to be either a house phone or a flip phone and a flip phone would be more probable due to the fact that portability is sort of the whole gimmick. 4) I've seen more people offer money for scripts for difficult or unhackable games then members charging for scripts. In fact I'd even say a large user base on this site does this as a hobby because they have jobs and lives to lead. They understandably take their time seriously... Almost as seriously as you took poor @Farmeriscool 's comment. Maybe he should've have just directly inquire about the situation that @bagabui is in, or maybe yes you can even say it isn't any of farmers buisness. However wouldn't that directly conflict this "snob hackers" vendetta you got going on over there?Like seriously, what are you doing steptoe? Anyways I believe @Sysadmin or @Enyby would be able to help with the account deletion. All apologies to them both seeings as I know they'd see this soon anyways, but I figured I'd tag them since I was replying anyways.
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    There are either subprocesses or game files that trigger this either way it is a method of anti-cheating. If it is a sub process that detects memory editing than you will likely be able to over come this by selecting the game process with a higher value tag i.e roblox7767 or roblox7664 you'd go with 7767 (roblox isn't actually a subprocess using game It is just an example) if file that reads for this then you will have to decompile the app and search it's source files for the correct one and then in scripting you can use a function to remove this file with some lines of code and file calling variables. An example of which might be found in a pubg script or codm script
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    You have changed all of the values to a negative one the answer to your posts question is misleading. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the game mechanic you are trying to change and how are you trying to make it behave? I will be able to help only with the provided information or other relevant information. As for the actual questions asked so far you have already changed the value to a negative integer. You are more than likely not getting the desired outcome of this change because either the value isn't the one you're looking for or there is an alternate explanation as to why changing these values aren't doing what you want it to do
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    In the absence of an external aimbot, you can abuse the game's native imbot by changing the positions of the avatar's "bones" and changing the pull coordinates. is rustic and is in the testing stages ... watch here
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    You downgraded to a flip phone?
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    So, I was trying to hack a Android game, I downloaded few Emulators to try: The Game was detecting LD Player as Emulator. Then I downloaded BlueStacks & BS Tweaker, changed IMEI & Android Id of the emulator but even that was detecting as Emulator. I played a offline match - CE was able to find score values but as soon as I change the value in CE it reset to its original. Then I downloaded MEMU & changed IMEI, Attached CE to MemuHead... : The game was not detecting as Emulator & also I was able to change values (Without Physical or Mapped Memory Scan) So I just want to know why MEMU works as normal but not this emulators. And does anybody know what are the other Emulators that works out of the box in CE & compatible with most of the CE functions ! Sorry for my English & Thanks in advance !
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    @Enyby Sir......I love pointer chainer script a lot. Though it is still in beta its so powerful. There are some features I want in future version of script. As example, I will use chainer script for a desire address(Let script be depth-3 and offset-2560). I will get 100 chainers. The chainer i want is also included in these pointer chains. But i dont know exactly which one. And I will exit from game and play and search again desire address manually. Then use chainer script again(depth-3 and offset-2560) And I will compare first script and second script. Then only the same pointer chains will be restored as a newer third script. Is it possible sir? Even above content is impossible. There is still a feature I want. That is- Run the result script. And i will get desire value and to show or print the chains of pointer of the loaded value. Please sir. I love to know your magic.
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    Script doesn't seem to work anymore.. tried it on my Magisk rooted S10+, but whenever it starts scanning, it ends with not enough information..
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    @jerryxx4 Latest. For me all worked as before.
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: Example of range search - GameGuardian

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