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    It is pure lua (I doubt about mysql in pure lua) and lua 5.3 compatible - yes.
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    Well, I don't know if that's the case but it worked for me, thanks you t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} t1 = gg.getValues(t1) t1[1].freeze=true gg.addListItems(t1)
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    Can you show me how to do it in this code? I can't understand it from help to use get.Values gg.searchNumber("100;350;200" , gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.refineNumber("100", gg.TYPE_DWORD) t = gg.getResults(1) t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} gg.addListItems(t1)
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    I know, but if I put value I have to put some valid number and I don't want it to change, how do I put the "value" field but don't edit the value?
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    Hi, can someone help me with this issue? My problem is that I have uploaded my encrypted script but at the time of executing it from PC or cell phone, it takes too long. If I upload it without encryption there is no problem but obviously I do not want to upload the file without encryption for obvious reasons. Any ideas or solutions for the problem?
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    Any gg hacks for sniper 3d assassins would be appreciated!
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    You've triggered a hack trip by ea - if you transfer more than 25 of the same item at anyone time or more than 300 items per day your global depot gets sent go naughty island - there is a way to bring it back and hopefully someone might know on here
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    Worked great for me. Thanks so much. Only downside is a few items you can't change the stats on. Haven't found anything I can max my block out on yet! They updated the game to V1.0.61 and have had to start over. Just tried Gold and still working. Thanks again!
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    Watch on YouTube: Password cracker - GameGuardian
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    There is 2 values. Total price and price for each. When you find price, goto address. You'll see, max qty, current qty, price each and total price. Easiest, edit all to same value. This will make them cost 1 each and sell they qty. So if you edit all 4 values to 50, you'll list 50 for 50 price.

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