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    Kind of late, but I had the same exact problem. Go into Gameguardian, go to settings and scroll down until you see Data in the RAM: yes Set it to no. This solved all my problems with Gameguardian. Thank you to Enyby for this
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    mobizen_20190806_225820.mp4 I hope this helps. All I did was search encrypted d word value, found it went up to the nearest value in address and saved that one. After that I took both xor encryptions and used them separately for each value to get my desired number.
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    Dude you were right! My cash I changed to 2100 then I bought a nice set of wheels for 500 and a decal, exited the game and came back Obviously, without video I can't prove to you that I did exit the game, but yes, a cash hack is possible! I can open and close the game and it still works! Will be testing for a diamond hack now [added 3 minutes later] I'm also wondering if changing the selling price of the item I bought would make the game think the value was changed legitimately which would let me keep high amounts of cash? (This is of course assuming the 2 xor encryptions are the same for selling price as well) I will see
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    1. Health n dmg etc is in float region A. Example. Your health is 1200. Now after starting a floor search 1199~1200 float.u will get 6/7 results. Get damaged.search Decreased. U will get 1 result. Now freeze it. Then go to the value address in memory. You will find your atk dmg, critical chance (everything in float) etc there above health address. Change them to one hit monsters. If u or anyone can make a script it will be much easier to clear any floor. I found these after a very quick look. I don't have time to dig any further rn. For those willing to hack this game further some info, 1.in raid Coins can be found by exact search. 2 dword and another 2 float. But changing them only changes value visually. After u finish a floor u get only what u collected. But it might be possible to hack coins or maybe change the loot droprate to get legendary stuffs. 2. If u Group search quest rewards and change them u will get them temporarily.(like lvl increase) but it reverts back to original. 3.Since it's a online game didn't try to hack currency n energy. But u should still try n see if it can be hacked. Well very small chance of happening. Good luck.
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    Please read the rules before posting. You have to post the play store link u know. you didn't provide it and most helpers would just shrugg off to another post cuz there is no link.
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    Can anyone help me to create mod (immortal life) to Legend of Blades or find a way to cheat a gems? link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epicwar.mir2.legend.game
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    Watch on YouTube: 77.0: Improved memory editor - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: 72.0: Use root from virtual space, for hide Gameguardian - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian VirtualXposed: https://gameguardian.net/f-128 Tap Counter: https://gameguardian.net/f-193
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    Maybe here they are toads and I'll tell you that they are illegitimate transferred to legitimate servers

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