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    Version 2.1.1


    I had dumped the game, and the reason the script not working is because it had been patched. No more update. Note: Read everything before you ask !! (Do not move my script out from this forum without my permission.) Asking technique: Elaborate your situation clearly. 1. Did you follow the bypass instruction? 2. Did you root your device? 3. Which hack you used? 4. You using it in game or match? 5. When does it not working? 6. Is it not working all the time? 7. Did you try the script before asking? Protection bypass Now you can no longer use older version of Archero. In order to run script in newest version, devices require to root!! - Download memu https://www.memuplay.com/ - Download Nox 6 https://en.bignox.com/ - Download virtual xposed VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76) - Use game guardian 81.0 or above. - Watch the tutorial to bypass any detection from games. Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx) - Hide game guardian from game. Tick 2nd and 3rd options. Features of the script: 1.Gold Hack 2.Energy Hack 3.Obsidian Chest Hack 4.Stats Hack (Health, Attack speed, Damage, God mode) 5.Items Hack Videos Q & A Here are some common question that I randomly pick. About bypass the protection (Any problem you can't find here are probably in instructions above, read before ask!) About hack
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    Nba live money cheat pls
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    No . In prompt no but you can add in alert .
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    See the help for IDs of Item or equipment. Let's say a monster dropped Weapon scroll x4. Weapon scroll ID =1 So at the first input, type in 1 second input type in 4 And if you want to change it to Legendary Brave Bow , third input type in 5 Fourth input type in 1 (Because equipments can only have 1 , even you type 9999999, you will get only 1).
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    In Unrandomizer if you put qword=0, increament=something like 100,200...,1000,2000... and got stun passive skill it will always stun enemies except some bosses.
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    While you will start "hacking" of clash of clan , i will tell you that its impossible .
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    Can you tell me how they are done, brother?
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    Hack Dungeon Maker for Devil stone , Point , Rebirt level , Dark lord Level 1.new game go to trial mode 1 ~ myth difficulity, because u need trial cards or continue game with trial card event - continues battle until u get trial card event. day 1 i have 810 pt 2. select trial card,like the red one in the center 3. now you have value for search like 400;100;200 in my case 4. open game guardian and use group search 5.then you get result 400 100 and 200 ,next refine value for example 400 in my case 6.now edit 400 to value you like, example i change to 130.000.000 7.back to game and select 400 pt card name is "supression" in my case (because iam edit this value before) 8.Go to battle ,now in day 3 i have 780xxxxx value (more battle more PT u get) result -get lvl up for rebirt and got 5k ~ 9k red stone for abyss shop -get dark lord lvl up to 15 open all skill *require have awakening this cheat dungeon maker working version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 hope you understand and sorry for my bad english pw:dont forget send love if u like this
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    Thanks a lot for this app . It is best hacking app . Very useful tool . It have finally kicked game killer , game hacker , xmodgames and etc from hacking tools . Noone use this idiot apps which need licence and only can search and edit values . And game gourdian is 100% free . Now everyone who is interested with hacking games, they use Game Gurdian . Thanks a lot again .

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