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    Yes. You can automate actions. For example, even if they reallocate memory then they must store pointer to it somewhere. So you need find pointer and always follow it. It is hard things, but not impossible. If game can restore path of pointers to data, then you can duplicate this way.
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    This is where the "pointers" filter for results can be useful. Sometimes you can't freeze the pointer, for the game clears data at location it's pointing to by default on value change or something. But, you can follow pointer and edit data then when it goes to relocate, it carries the edited value with it. Recently came across an online fps shooter that does this for ammo.
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    Hi, looking for a way to increase in game currency called Latinum using GG to modify values, if so how it's done?
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    On screen part of logcat. Nothing interested. Error 9 not connected with this defense.
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    Gotcha. Can't help. I'm rooted.
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    What happens trying to hack that game?
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    What do you mean "bypass"? Like do a lib edit so you don't need to search the value again? Try gdb debugging if phone supports it.
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    I know that some values can be changed while the game is being played, then used before logging off
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    do you have any sources these can be hacked?
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