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    Hello Friends, Can anyone tell me how to hack NFS No Limits.I cannot hack gold ,cars,cash, anything. What to do? Help me.
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    Name of Requested File: Magic Rush: Heroes Link To Download: Magic Rush: Heroes - Play Store Free Version: V 1.1.168 What cheat? : I need cheat gold, gems, daimond, hability points and food. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, values such as gold, food, diamonds, hability points and gems are modified but return to their original state, the modifications are not saved. Comments: When I modify a value with GG in this game, it automatically returns to its normal state and does not save the modifications. I need help. Magic Rush - Heroes (Hack MOMO Player)gold.mp4
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    local pass = '1234' local Crack = gg.prompt( {'ENTER PASSWORD EXAMPLE ' ..pa..ss.. ''},{''},{'number'}) if Crack == nil then print("script cancelled") os.exit() elseif Crack[1] == pass then print("welcome") else print("wrong password") os.exit() end
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    Ok . But while u will upload at least u need to compile bcs people will steal ur ideas. Some errors are in this compiler . On next upload fix all bugs and encrypt ur file. Of course if someone is good in programming and if he want codes he will decrypt but it will be encoded for random person. Also sry for my english XD
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    Version 1.0.0


    Link Download Script No Encrypt Only At https://youtu.be/LXIPR1C9g9g
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    View File Tis quyeen decrypted file Nothing special It is decrypted version of tis file Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 02/07/19 Category Tools  
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