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    Hello Friends, Can anyone tell me how to hack NFS No Limits.I cannot hack gold ,cars,cash, anything. What to do? Help me.
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    Seems like the game can recognize between a purchased and modified gold coins for the in game store
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    what is updated in this script?! all the same no one works?!
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    local pass = '1234' local Crack = gg.prompt( {'ENTER PASSWORD EXAMPLE ' ..pa..ss.. ''},{''},{'number'}) if Crack == nil then print("script cancelled") os.exit() elseif Crack[1] == pass then print("welcome") else print("wrong password") os.exit() end
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    You're getting better bro, rep +1 What about you add translate plugin into chat, would be good to see multi language chatting each other. xD
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: Search helper - GameGuardian
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    Sadly thats just your imagination. Lol i made 3K euro with this game only because adulted could pay and for whats worth it none has even shared it to the public because nobady is so dumb to publish scripts for free so that retards publish and ceep publishing till it get banned. How do you think wallshot was banned? I made it and got viral because i gived it for free on the first place. If you want to get it for free be my gues. Ceep doing with those old codes of mine that you love to copy i do not mind since i got the money i got what i worked for and those that layed me get what they payed for. And you guys get the ban...and just for the record i have already seen how retarded your community is. It seems they love to come up with bull****. Like black mailing whyle they not in a single position of black mailing. Somthimes i have trouble holding my self back for ruining the game for all of you (it aint that hard ? ) ruin my fun and i will just do the same for you guys....oh wait i already did when i started making it ViP...cry babys turning against me ? Here one of your secret tribe _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later What is the kiddo even talking about "traps" he could never pay so he coudnt even know if it was a trap or not. He is one of the people that i banned out of my group because he was spamming my discord channel like a kiddo. I don't need poison. You can have it.
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