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    You need to use "Changed/Unchanged" if you want to find xor-encrypted value with fuzzy search. "Increased/Decreased" won't work out because of how xor-encryption works.
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    i was a long time user of game guardian..havent been mobile gaming for awhile now..and i see gameguardian change alot from back then.. i like to request for a gem hack for this game Rise Of Civilization .TIA
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    Few months ago i met my friend xXRuitXx on androidrepublic.org who released some good candy for the android cheatercommunity. This very young and talented guy was the first one of much modders i found who was open for my plans to bringing the premium hacks (its standard on pc scene) to android. Some good sites like androidrepublic.org or alphagamers have some interesting solutions but they did it wrong. The VIP model is very old and what never worked on pc hacking scene cant work on android community. Thats why we going another way. I sell hacks since 10 years on www.artificialaiming.net, have some experience with this business and i know what people want for their money. We already tested this with our first real androidmulithack release for the game critical ops, with some success. In the near future you can find here some new premium stuff for big games but we release allways a exclusive and free light version for each hack we sell. A special thank going to the father of our great gameguardian.net community SIR @d2dyno Without him and the amazing work of our coder @Enyby we never could give you the experience of advanced gameplay here on www.gameguardian.net PLAY GAMES YOUR WAY!!!!! Our new Premium Project is called APK - Android Premium Killers powered by gameguardian.net
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    Try to manual write the code, if you copy paste from the forum dont forget to remove 'invisible character' in your text editor.
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    Turn out, it's pretty easy ? The game uses little tricky value protection technique, it use 8 bytes split to 2 part of 4 bytes to encrypt value. For example: If you have less or equal to 4 digits number crystal let's say 123 then the game encrypts it to 0x00333231 0x73000000 If you have more than 4 digits let's say 123456 then the game encrypts it to 0x36353433 0x73003231 (I guess its limit is 8 digits? Yes, you can overwrite the 0x73 to achieve 8 digits number) P/s: 0x mean hex number NOT dec so when you search or edit value remember to add h
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    ????????? This seems to be the last update of this post. 10/12/2018 I will be uploading a modified apk of the game for all of you. Leave a message if it works. and I like it Kisses. ?? ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Click █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ ????????????????? Hopoless Heroes: Tap Attack ?????????????????? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ??????? ?????????! Through this channel I will teach everything I know. The tricks and cheats below are from my authorship. I would appreciate if the content of this message is shared with its author. ????? - ??? © ????????? || ¬ ¬ | Finally, unfortunately, the steps to follow to hack "Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack", will be in English, But my native language is Spanish, so have mercy. Xd Thank you very much for your attention! *Unfortunately I have to say, to date (Friday 7 December , 2018) Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack has updated the game, and has put a protection against reading and writing data, but not quite. And the time bug has also improved.* Step by step: 1) Install Hopeless but an old version to date. Here you have a page to see all the versions of the game. ApkPure To start I recommend version V1.1.32 2018-11-1 2) I made a list of what I could hack: a) the blue bar of power b) points for the 3 power trees. c) hopes d) achievements -------------------- THE MOST IMPORTANT! ----------------- Free Gems e) all chest free f) other values of the game 3) Let's explain how to hack. For point a) it is easy. change the time of your cell phone, going back and forward the time, so that the blue bar of power is completely filled. Another option is to find the encrypted value of the blue bar, which I recommend for advanced users. For the point b) we search for a "Dword number" value and look for the number of points we have in our game. In the image you can see 812 / 7,703 Attention, in order to unlock all the powers must be in stage 1000. For the point c) Currently getting hopes is so easy, that anyone can do it. As you can see in the image, I currently have enough hopes Do not try to hack it, with game guardian because you can not. Then how is it done? It uses a bug of the game that I will explain better with a video. For now I tell you that what I do is 2 things. First) Get a certain amount of honestly playing hopes Second) After doing step 1, I changed the date of my cell phone yesterday, I return to the game I use the blue power bar, I change the time forward and delaying time, and once this is done the amount of hopes remains locked and it is never spent. There is also another method to block the amount of hopes so that it is never spent. With the new update that does not let go back in time, what can be done is to block the achievements (I'll explain later), doing this will also block the hopes. For the point d) The achievements are also easy to hack. I'll prove it to you In the image you can see how I'm going to hack the achievement "power ups", refers to the auto tap In this image the value changed from 1 to 3 Looking for that value as "Dword number", I find it and change it. And that's it, so I get free gems. If I find another way, or you do it, let me know For point e), the same thing happens with the hopes, but this time what we want to block are the gems, and to achieve this, we do the previous point. Let's hack the achievements, choose any one of them. Hiding the achievements several times we will lock the gems in a certain number, and if we are going to buy any chest will not spend any gems. Later I upload videos in this same post. For point f) I'm still studying the game ? ???? ? ???? ??????? ???? ????????? ?? ???? ????. ????? - ??? © ????????? || ¬ ¬ |
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    Have you even tried searching the forum? Very similar question has been already asked and answered before. Here is a link to the post with the question: LUA scripting (#47m71t3d)
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    xxxhentaixxx ur just as gameinsight, greedy and arrogant, we dont need you in this community. you made change idea even to saiaapiz from free script to pay script. i can be agree with you that abusing free hacks ruin the game and bring patches, but at least you could simply explain it, and not say on your description: "pay or leave,dont waste my time, i know you are not poor to play this game" etc. your arrogance has suffered the karma effect. and when you say adult people can pay so much that you got 3k euro, well, i prefer to spend IN GAME, cuz at least is all about PAY TO PLAY at this point. nobody cry here for your vip scripts, we just dont give a f*k about you, u just keep reply to people, to accuse of copies, well do not share your files if u didnt mean to get copied ! Cry baby cry, ***** PAY2WIN, FREE HACKS WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY i hope someone buy your hacks and share it again with all, that will be nice!! haha
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    3000 euro, d*** its a whole lot of money there and still your greed comes in, you see you are sharing picture of a person blackmailing you like you are on some saint work. Brother dont look the picture from one side see atleast full view of it, you are cheating the game which makes you wrong and then you get cheated by another person that's how it goes yet you manage to pull 3k euro out of ppl pocket. You are good in making codes, do it for your pocket no one ever be jealous of you, it's your skill and may you earn more and more out of it BUT my point is this is not the right platform to sell. We are here only for those games which let us only 2 options to go forward either pay money or use cheats so most of the ppl are not tht rich to give you money, we do it other way. One dont need to be einstein to know this simple fact that if we have to pay for the cheats then why dont we pay for actual game. Thus this destroys the purpose of this community. On a side note: If i talk about my self and offcourse assume abt most of the ppl here we are not dumb to use wallhacks, i myself using @saiaapiz script from long time atleast months but i only use it for esp not even headshot bcoz this even get reported and i dont want my acct ban, we all know what hack we have to use or what not, for me tbh wallhack is like banning yourself nothing else. And i request @punkaZ to also remove wallhack bcoz ppl report it asap or make a vid out of it and ban plyrs. guns of boom developers dont care s*** about their users, they are not fair to us so we do the same to them. There's nothing to cry on. It is what it is.
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    Dear @XxhentaixX , you are a genius and I really appreciate your work. Am still a noob and trying to learn. I didn't know it was your work but I have given credits to @saiaapiz. Its a very troublesome work to make this kind of scripts. But these scripts were available everywhere so, I combined one or more scripts into one. I jst wanted to share this coz this codes are functional. And why I did that ? At first u asked to recharge for 100 Malaysian currency and then you are now selling those scripts for 25$...really!! Whats the difference between those p2w game devs and u? Only the rich can afford it. I think this is like a drug business at first they give u for free and when u are addicted, they start selling it. I know you will never upload those scripts for free in future. Continue your brilliant work.

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