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    Hi! good news! I am trying it as well, for both crystal and vip status. Once I was frustrated and changed xor value of some lines randomly (after a fuzzy search, so not total random of course), and I was able to gain just 1 crystal each run. Trying to replicate now, I will keep you updated.
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    I'm considering hacking this again.... I don't typically, but I get at least 1 - 2 messages a week for this.... Since I haven't touched the game in a while, if ANYONE has hacks that work or know some changes, please contact me. Via pm whatever. It will save me time to find the things discovered and work towards something new. Let's break this game (again).
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    Maybe those looking to CONTRIBUTE to hacking this game, could start a group chat on discord? Working as a team can accomplish way more. Because the more we share, the faster we reach our goal. Just a thought.
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    banned few hours ago using this script where is? your accord link does not working.
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    Read it, its patched lol there is a new one
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    No grass or bullet tracking detected
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    @Ashish007 i had the same problem the game won't let you play if you are rooted with su so just install xposed and download the latest root cloak module then use it to hide root from the game. If it still doesn't solve it then leave it, the game isnt that good really. Its just a point and click type of garbage
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    I've been working a lot... I plan on posting Gold hack Use any plane and edit to SSS rarity (does not unlock the plane) Unlimited boost use (not limited to 3). Preview of unlimited boost in use :

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