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    Hello all, As I am sure most of you have noticed, I have taken a more hands-off approach as of late, and focusing more time and effort on the site infrastructure. In the last few years, we've transferred from decent trustworthy hosting to now hosting ourselves in a different country. We have done lots of backend updates (moved to newer PHP versions, MySQL versions, Nginx, etc). Now, I am here to talk to you about our latest updates: Dual-encrypted backups: We backup to 2 separates sources hourly, and encrypt all of our backups. It is worth noting, we have not had to restore a backup in quite some time, but it never hurt to be cautious. We have updated to the lastest Invison Power Suite software, 4.3 . This now allows us to have these new features: New payment methods for subscriptions/donations: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, and the traditional credit cards and BitcoinPay are still available. Better VIP system for those that use it. Overall performance improvements. Better search system using ElasticSearch. Some new emojii (I know you were all waiting on this). More reaction types (upvotes, downvotes, and emojii that count as reputation points). Posts that have received lots of positive reputation are now automatically highlighted. We brought all our server software and kernel patches up to the latest versions, which includes various improvements (mostly security). Up until yesterday, our server had an uptime of over 365 days, something I personally as a nerd am proud of ? We only reported a few of you to the NSA.... (relax, I am just checking your attention span. I mean, why are you even reading at this point bro ?) We added some more bugs to annoy you. ? Enyby is mad at me, send help ? Things to look forward to in the future: Multiple server hosting/load balancing. This should take the load off of our one server, while also enabling us to deliver content and downloads to you much faster. VIP rework/update. VIP is no longer about hidden/restricted content. It is more about continually supporting the site. However, I still want to have some sweet perks for those that help us. New logo/theme. I am currently looking for a designer to work with (if you are interested, send your portfolio along my way). Dark theme. Implemented for VIP. Automatic content moderation (still to be implemented). Implemented. Here's to giving back more power to you, and less from those greedy lootboxing developers ? - d2dyno
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    hello I have found how to earn ~10-12x more coins. I have spend a lot of time watching tutorials, searching forums, decompiling, trying several emulators, installing a lot of software etc...and bingo - looking into code I've found simpliest way and it worked. I can share this method, but not public here. I'll try make video tomorrow and upload somewhere.
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    Hi! good news! I am trying it as well, for both crystal and vip status. Once I was frustrated and changed xor value of some lines randomly (after a fuzzy search, so not total random of course), and I was able to gain just 1 crystal each run. Trying to replicate now, I will keep you updated.
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    In our videos you can see the application GG Victim (formerly GG victum). This is a test application that we created ourselves. You can never get or download it, because it's a private application. You can not ask for a link or apk - this will never happen. The reason for creating this application: it is very difficult to find games that meet the necessary requirements to show some features of the work of GG. Also, there are copyright issues when uploading a video to Youtube. This application contains a lot of code that can help developers to strengthen protection or bypass GG. Therefore, this application can not be downloaded. If you need a test application for video recording or training, look for this application yourself. If you do not understand what a test application is, and you think that without GG Victim you can not work with GG, then GG is definitely not for you. Uninstall the GG.
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    Hello world, I'll leave you the latest updated hacks with game guardian. of the game the last day on earth to get more information visit my channel. Channel youtube anonymous 1000 hacker. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER Channel youtube game guardian. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6AGYmGsRgmpXgz4mxAkRoQ _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Hack level last day on earth: survival 2018 by anonymous 1000 hacker and GG application. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER
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    Hello all, Today I am announcing, that we will be closing our mod/gamesave download section. Most of them have become outdated and are just taking up space on our server. With the section cleaned, we'll be able to more strongly focus on other aspects of our site (such as videos).
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    Check e_machine from specific lib using GameGuardian. function GetLibraryTextBase(lib) for _, __ in pairs(gg.getRangesList(lib)) do --print(string.format("%s | Start: 0x%08x | End: 0x%08x | Size: 0x%x | State: %s | Protection: %s", lib, __["start"], __["end"], __["end"] - __["start"], __["state"], __["type"])) if __["state"] == "Xa" or __["state"] == "Xs" then return __["start"], __["end"] end end return nil end function GetLibraryArch(LibName) e_machine = GetLibraryTextBase(LibName) + 0x12 -- e_machine offset _ = {{address = e_machine, flags = gg.TYPE_WORD }} return gg.getValues(_)[1].value & 0xFFFF -- Format end Arch = GetLibraryArch("libc.so") -- http://www.sco.com/developers/gabi/2000-07-17/ch4.eheader.html if Arch == 40 then ArchName = "Advanced RISC Machines ARM: " else ArchName = "Unknown" end gg.alert(string.format("libc.so\n\nArchitecture: %s (0x%02X)", ArchName, Arch)) References: http://www.sco.com/developers/gabi/2000-07-17/ch4.eheader.html
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    Bro guns of boom updated to 4.9.0 version very recently so this cheats not working now,please update a new script thanku?
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    hello, I see that there are almost no hacks for guns of boom, so I'm working for a script to go through the walls without levitating, and in terms of money (gold and gunbucks) I have another hack in which I've been working and it works to such a part but you try to buy something and you get "request error" so the solution of this error is complicated, to be able to have gunbuck And unlimited goal I have to modify some files without the game restart
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    More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makingfun.mageandminions Requirements: • ROOTED Device • Game Guardian Guide: The following guide is based on Mage and Minions version 1.1.29. Gems This method you will be editing your rewards paid for completing achievements. And too speed it up I also hack achievements. So I focused on damage achievement. You have 3 tiers 5 10 15 gems and each need 50000 500000 and 2500000 damage. Stay with dword union search of 50000;500000;2500000:2048 If union search fails, you can search each individual amount and edit to 0. Claim the 5 and 10 gems. Now clear search and dword union search 5;10;15:256 Then search 15. Change menu and change the 'scenery' and keep searching 15. Now goto filter and set it to 50. We do not want to edit too many. High risk of crash. Edit selected 16 and increments of 1 (so every value is unique). Goto rewards screen. Did it change from 15? If no, edit results back to 15 then delete select results. Now edit results again 16 increments of 1. Do this until the 15 changes. When it does, find that in the list of edited values. Uncheck and put all others back to 15. Now click and edit that value, edit to something very high like 2123456789. Check rewards, if it changed, claim reward and enjoy large amount of gems. Video Tutorial: Gems Credits for Hacking Guide to NoFear

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