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  2. So after trying everything, outfits are free, premium choices are not. Idk anymore what to do, I give up
  3. a normal search, or encrypted search. The difference between server and player sided games is most of the time the value of a server sided game is unchangeable.
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  5. No, it has the same problem
  6. How do I get server sided values?
  7. It depends what you want to speed up. If u wanna speed up the potions it works (ddnt try it since 2~3months ago). Maybe they patched it.
  8. View File Mobile Legends Script This Script features Zoom out, Radar hack, Ghost Radar, Hero Hack, Skin Hack, Clear Battle records and Auto Lag for enemies Watch this video to learn how to use Script: https://youtu.be/ki_FWiHy8Do Submitter Boss45 Submitted 05/29/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  9. Senko

    Gorebox 2

    Anyone have script? Menu script for this game
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This Script features Zoom out, Radar hack, Ghost Radar, Hero Hack, Skin Hack, Clear Battle records and Auto Lag for enemies Watch this video to learn how to use Script: https://youtu.be/ki_FWiHy8Do
    Hey,bro, the modified car's time trial result is invalid. Can this be solved?
  11. Sorry, I don't know how to edit post. I found the value for Shield & Energy using normal search. Both of them are in Double. I was able to edit it but can't exceed the max value (if the ship's max energy is 800/800, i cant change it to 9999/800). Also i can't freeze it. Looks like the address keeps changing.
  12. You can change your energy value (fixed to 50000) by using the "energy hack".
  13. MeloJello


    Some Games/Apps are detecting Game Guardian now, Even when GG is not working in the Background/Foreground. (Example being Arknights Global)
  14. View File Chaos Rings 3 Max Items Script Game: Chaos Rings 3 Game Version:1.1.1 Script version:1.0.1 This is a little something I made to let myself get 99 of every non-equippable item. Doing it manually for 1000+ items this script applies to would've been a lot more tedious, thus, I made this to speed things up. Now, I only need to run this script and it takes just a few seconds to get 99 of all of those. Despite the fact I have max currencies showing on the screenshot, this script does NOT hack that. Mostly because it's much easier to do that manually instead. Submitter TheSingular Submitted 05/28/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  15. Multiple Accounts app is a virtual space like the others, but this one is unique since they managed to make the Google Play services worked pretty d*** well. I hope that GG team will make a GG signed version of this app and I am sure it will be popular.
  16. Hey Plz how I can have the id of all skill with id of ragdoll 16615 thx sorry for my English il French
  17. Hey Plz Game guardian have à hack for bête of glace and fire ect...sorry for my English il french
  18. Dear Gameguadian, I am trying to dump this game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puzzle.miniworld&hl=en But anytime i dump the memory, game crased immediately. Please help me. Is there anyway to bypass the protection of this game?
  19. I only found that sun points can be hackable, by searching in Dword
  20. Zimacoq

    About Script

    First of all, I want to wish all your relatives and Kindred a very excellent evening. I'll be straightforward and consistent. I'm wanting to learn about how to create a script for a game, for example, Free Fire. However, I do not understand how to start editing certain codes in an ideal application for the scripts. I'm 20 years old and I take responsibility for my actions. Can you help me? I know the basics, you can tell what you know, I'll understand.
  21. Frostnall

    Kaion Tale

    Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilecostudios.kaiontale.android can anyone modify any real? the data is alternated but has no effect on the game. I need this help, if necessary I will pay!
  22. Hi again. i know this is not based on GameGuardian. but its based on hacking game. And i have nowhere to learn stuff but here. So, i hope someone will guide me As we all know, there are no bypass memory + host for CALL OF DUTY : GLOBAL. so, i want to create one. but i have very basic knowledge about this stuff. when i got ban at some exact "minutes", i start my investigation on "Network Sniffing Tools", All the time, i Noticed i got ban by port "7500". so, blocking This Port will prevent ban? (by No Root Firewall) please i will be greatful, if anybody enlighten me about this stuff
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