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  2. I have found a value in Xa (CODE_APP) range, and I want to use this value in C++ code with the help of Memorytools.h (a Chinese Memory editing tool for mobile) Now My question is... How can I do this ?..because the option(Xa) is not available in memorytools.h There are list of available items :: ALL, A_ANONYMOUS, ALLOC, C_DATA, B_BAD, C_BSS, C_HEAP, JAVA_HEAP , CODE_SYSTEM(Xs), STACK, ASHMEM ...I have used many methods in this case and I have tried all the ranges but none of them are working,,,also I have tried DWORD and FLOAT both data Type.. So,, please help Me.. Thanks in advanced Note : I am tried to edit memory with c++ in mobile (Not PC) ,,also I have attach the MemoryTool.h in this post MemoryTools.h
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello Enyby i install game FreeFire on optimized parallel space but when run this game crash , please resolve problem crash freefire on parallel space..
  5. Ads Remover doesn't seem to work. Car Hack works, but can't change the vehicles' Top Speed. Currency just crashes the game. Race Changer doesn't find any results. Race Modes; Freeze Mode and Kickazz Mode don't find any results. Auto-Drive no longer works with the recent update, but Ghost Mode is still functioning.
  6. Ok thx for the help, Ima borrow an android and see if it works
  7. Then you need to get an Android device.
  8. Me too... IN go try redownload... for make similar version
  9. View File AyoDance Mobile [MOD BASIC] MOD BASIC VIP Submitter AGLIX Submitted 11/24/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  10. How I can download this app in my apple ipad?
  11. i need fury survivor pixel z script, tired of being banned, level hack only pls pls help, or can you help me to hack my dummy account hehe.. i read this Fury Survivor: Pixel Z (#5e7gi4ew) but still not understanding, more than 20 times im getting ban. bwaaahhh
  12. My friend, you are really fast. Thanks a lot.
  13. OKay, but Ive used my iphone 5 too, probs not the best phone but I really want the app.
  14. Please update to v1.6.0 please Buddy... Try to add God Mode Thanks for your Work!!!
  15. Hello friend. can you update your hack. autowin, reward hack, autodrive, VIP car and more please? you are the best @MarioRossi93i
  16. Version 1992


  17. Someone please help me! The files dont work! After I download them NOTHING happens. I have to go to files and open them and then THERES NOTHING INSIDE OF THEM AT ALL!!! Theres just an empty thing that says GameGuardian. 100.0 THATS ALL THERE IS i cant click on it or use it, or import to chrome! ITS USELESS FOR ME! I TRYED HARD AND DELEATED THEM EVERY TIME I TRYED AGIN BUT IT DOSNT WORKK. I have no idea why this keeps happening! I have one of the latest ipad air! I also tryed on my iphone 5! HELP PLEASEEE!!!! Thank you to WHOEVER helps me solve this problem.
  18. At the momente there are no solutions, so do not spend too much
  19. really good tut. Lays out info for the novice and the intermediate in clear steps. Thanks
  20. Check your game is if latest version. Different version may change some data. I made for latest version. Search 401479789D;-65335320D:5 in Xa region Choose -65335320. After u start playing,use pointer search on that address. Result will be only one in Anonymous region. And goto that address. Choose address at offset 10.Goto pointer. Offset +18.Goto pointer. See below for clean. --> +18 --> +58 --> +20 --> +98 (here is health) Def will be under health.
  21. Possibly run the game in x8sandbox and speed everything up. Not really a GG solution but it may work. Good luck
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