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  2. The script doesn't seem to be working right now. Current version of Hill Climb Racing 2 is 1.27.4.
  3. Is there any script for soul knight Just need to hack materials.
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  5. Read my reply to the guide thread
  6. JacOq

    Archero Script

    I just tried again, and this time i unistalled the gg app ( it was not anymore in the App List, but only in the VirtualXposed one), but still can't use any of the hacks, During a game or in the home screen, everytime i try one of the hack in the list, it always says "hack failed". I also tried to modify speed in the "stats" tab, but it didn't work also. Do you know where i'm probably doing wrong? I have latest version of GG (86.1) and latest version of Nox (, so i really don't know what i'm doing wrong. EDIT: did you try also the other ones(obsidian chests, gold, energy and level), or only the stats ones(speed,damage,health)? Also, if you don't mind, can you take another video but from when you start archero? So i can see all the steps EDIT2: The Energy and Level hack actually says "hack complete", but it doesn't change anything in the game. The stats ones, even if I choose my state first (revived or never died) won't modify anything.
  7. It's harder if you are higher level... I recommend going to chapter 1. Unknown dword. Kill one zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Kill the next zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Then like item qty, look for 2 values when subtracted = xp. You'll have to guess what looks right. So obviously if you see a value that is like 10, and you are level 15, you obviously have more xp than that. Xp DOES NOT have an id pointer. I can try to browser memory structure, and see if I can pinpoint xp in memory without knowing the value at all.
  8. Instead of this gg.searchNumber('65.536;-65.535;101:13',gg.TYPE_DWORD) Try this gg.searchNumber('65536;-65535;101:13',gg.TYPE_DWORD)
  9. Hello, GG (version 86.1) don't pause the NFS nolimits (version 3.8.3)!!! How to fix? Thanks in advance
  10. how do you xp hack? i dont understand@NoFear im new at this
  11. use xposed, download from the repository any application that edits and / or hides your IMEI / MEID.
  12. Could someone help me pls? I want GG to search big numbers like 4,9190192e82F;9920D or so in a group search but if I execute script and select the option the script is just ending and not searching. Here's my code: menu = gg.choice({'Hack' , 'End'},nil,'Select') if menu == 1 then gg.searchNumber('65.536;-65.535;101:13',gg.TYPE_DWORD) t = gg.getResults(3) t[3].value = '32767' t[3].freeze = true t[3].freezType = gg.FREEZE_NORMAL print('Cheat Activated' ,gg.addListItems(t)) os.exit() end if menu == 2 then os.exit() end
  13. Is it possible for a lua script in GG or search float value in GG to search for games that had timer and get rewards. Example there is a count down timer of 12 hours, using either LUA script or search value to lower the timer. Is that even possible? Any input is appreciate or link. Example of a game like Subway Surfers or even Candy Crush where they is timer to collect the items when it reach.
  14. There is no way to hack the value for renpy and rpg makers games that ported to android.
  15. How to do it My real account it is also unavailable Help me plzz
  16. I still cant find the correct Damage number to edit. Like there is many results.. which one to edit. And adresss in Heroes section and fight changes. Were gonna need a Pro hacker for this TwT
  17. Thanks a lot for sharing this, im amazed at how you figure these things out.
  18. Can u post a short video on clonning a city. Greatly appreciate ur efforts. Thanks
  19. For my device it's Anon.
  20. Yeah bro,0.pb is an encrypted data file and salt key is required to decrypt... there is no limit to what can be done with the decrypted file.. Forza georgia
  21. can you send me the script u did? ill try to edit and put my idea, then ill send it to you back again
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