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  2. Ive used rapid fire on my iOS device with sg and sniper no more than 300 fire rate with ar and mg you could go up to 900 fire rate without ban [added 3 minutes later] This is what I use on iOS [added 4 minutes later]
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  4. diamonds i think is only visual, wood, fish i not have sure but when edit them freeze the values, search in region anonimus, and try example wood value double search example have 1oo wood search 100.0 and put double search edit until the value changes but need freeze fish the same but not sure if is only visual or not, diamonds yes it is because give error , money same but not test if visual or not
  5. Hey guys I was just wondering this. Which games do you prefer old school or new school games and why? I thought of this question when I went to the store and saw all the games cost £50-£100 I was remembering the times when games costed £10-£15 and £25 at most. I prefer personally old school games and here are my reasons: 1. They had a affordable price. 2. You know company would release games every 6 months instead of 2-6 years. 3. The games actually back then had more challenge in them than newer games. I just think new games are too easy. 4. I think new games are too busy with the graphics of a game than actual gameplay or story line (If the game has a story line off course) However I know old school games where really basic back then and all games where very cartoon based. Not to say very buggy. But let me know what you guys think.
  6. Ok, I will try and if it works I'll add. Ty.
  7. Good evening to everyone, first, I thank you for reading me (if you do it ) Here's my little problem, I try for more than 7 hours to install an old version of the game, ETERNIUM there 1.3.40 precisely but I can not, I used the guide who spoke about it, and I could not find any solution on the web, I thought maybe you could have some solution to bring me. I use MEMU, I have the APK of the 1.3.40 AND there 1.3.46, root, root explorer, the complete update file. But even modifying it, I do not have the impression that it is taken into account, hell, it's gray, as if my modifications did not apply on this file, I hope to be enlightened by your light if you come to read me, Good evening!
    Works perfectly at snapdragon 801 Samsung s5. But i need it at my Samsung s7 exynos 8890.... Have you got an solution?
  8. I agree with him. It's too much for only one modded game? Why will someone pay 45€ for only one modded game? I can then pay for VIP for 24,99€ and I will have access too all modded games in the VIP area. It should be lower then VIP, so it will be Fair. This is "NOFAIR" I will publish one of my script soon for free. Managed to do the drift radius and car speed. Working on Nitro and no ai cars.
  9. Name of Game: Seaport: explore collect and trade Version: 1.0.67 What cheat: Anything Have you tried cheating this game? Yes
  10. Wolgirt

    Dungeon Keeper

    Name of Game: Dungeon Keeper Version: 1.8.91 What cheat: Anything Have you tried cheating this game? Yes
  11. 20 XOR BE = 9E. So if value less 255 you can search 9EX7 as Byte.
  12. I am searching a value R which is encrypted by XOR. Let the two XOR inputs be v1 and v2. I found that R = hex(v1) XOR reverse-hex(v2). In above example, 5F368E20h XOR 5F368EBEh = 9Eh = 158 (decimal, which is the value display in my game) Is it possible to do the above XOR search? Thank you very much.
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  14. Aj 1:57 pay open ho jay ga Don't weary
  15. Don't you just remove fb and login via web, not via app. [added 0 minutes later] The sbcash is to give non vip an option to get mod. Technically vip mod. I can remove sbcash price entirely, so VIP only.
  16. Here example: Using reverse hex with HEX editor - X-Plore, GameGuardian (#6m86plcw) As you see, I can not find value from HEX editor if use hex, only reverse hex work.
  17. Watch on YouTube: Using reverse hex with HEX editor - X-Plore, GameGuardian
  18. Watch on YouTube: 76.0: Example of use the ARM64 opcodes view in the memory editor - GameGuardian
  19. When I search up a file in battle cats in the d word section nothing comes up. I wanted to make the cost of the capsules 0 cat food. But it doesn’t work. Help please.
  20. Reverse endian is same as hex in hex editor. Usual order as hex number. If You want same order bytes as in hex editor (like in IDA) you need reverse hex. I use IDA for find this instruction so I use reverse HEX.
  21. Wow, I'm amazed, and so excited! Thanks for your great work, I would never had waited for a disassembler in GG, but you did it. I'll learn as much as I can from this and I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy this too! However I still don't really understand why you have to search for the opcode in reverse endian? This endian stuff always disrupt me.
  22. What about Facebook login? Does it work? Cuz I had the old 1.4.3 modded APK and couldn't login to Facebook. It had something to do with "token"
  23. You talk about nothing. Any common words. I won't tell you anything. This question is not interesting to me, I'm not going to deal with them. Moreover, I am sure that nothing will come of it. The whole idea was doomed to failure.
  24. but i think can not save the changes, if possible save is possible explain how?thanks
  25. No, this is not possible, scripts do not have such permissions. Moreover, when "makeRequest" function is used in a script, user will be asked, if he wants to allow internet access for the currently running script.
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