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  2. It's need root permission if it's not you can't completely access GG . BETTER root your mobile bro.
  3. TopGEOYT

    Help me

    Dear @TimonNaber For it go and contact to @Enyby . Ask to him about this problem .
  4. TimonNaber

    Help me

    Daemon is not started and I have installed the modified dual-space version. I have tried everything several times, Please fix it in the new update because nothing else works.
  5. And when I'll do that, I'll have google play services
  6. Finally i get something sir thanks
  7. TopGEOYT

    Help me

    It will search and do everything what u type in code . Those codes are right but if it doesnot work for hacking it is bcs value is error . Some values are changing everytime so if u found one and hack one time it doesnot mean that u will do it again any time . U need to just go in game and do it manualy . If this value is right , then write script which will do everything what u did manualy for hack it . If u cannot write script like this and if u are begginer , then just use simple script recorder :
  8. If it's online game sometimes it won't work bro.
  9. Ok sir check this out its correct ? I execute many times in gg but not working
  10. TopGEOYT

    Help me

    his 13.65336975475 and 12.97653246787 values are example values as u told me , so both of them arenot correct.
  11. Okay sir Correct value is a second search number?
  12. Compiler not blocks load . Encrypted script by compiler blocks it . Not exactly blocks but it is spamer for block load by math.random (this simple loader blocker is for begginers) . Also what do u mean that not block decrypt ? If not block then can u decrypt it sir ?(99.9% yes , u cannot)
  13. Not block load and decrypt [Top GEO]COMPILER (1).lua_1558282486147_-1448589791.load.tar [Top GEO]COMPILER (1).lua_1558282486147_-1448589791.dump.txt [Top GEO]COMPILER (1).lua_1558282486147_-1448589791.log.txt
  14. TopGEOYT

    Help me

    Clear results is same as get results (19) . Or u can just type that delete all results without set delete results quantity : gg.clearResults() -- all results will be deleted
  15. Sir one more help i found 1st search number example: its 13.65336975475 and 12.97653246787 Then i search it ,i get 19 results After Gg helps to i found only one correct value ((example :13.65336975475 )and i edit to (50) , next i click it go to address ,it asked 2 values so i find one more value total 2 values i copied ( in go to address) .Now my doubt is Second search no ??() Get results i think its (19) Edit all 50 Clear results ??() Pls tell me sir
  16. Oh Really ? Can You Show Me Decrypted Script ? You Are Just Lier
  17. Championship and R&D doesn't work. What happend @Enyby? Please, can you updsted this script?
  18. I dont know other stuff like duplicate item, but you can edit quantity of item that stackable.. 1.Using Dword + incrypted search 2.The value will be like 9xx.123.123 3.And then edit value with xor key. Done
  19. like block load ?. Anyone Give me an Example. Please Thank you!.
  20. Please make call of duty mobile hack please please
  21. I need a script game Android Avatar musik Indonesia
  22. Hello, I would like to make a request of a game which is not very well known. Playstore link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qbisoft.magicanvil&hl=tr Apk link : https://apkpure.com/magic-anvil-simulator/com.qbisoft.magicanvi Game is mostly about upgrading your weapons in an anvil. To get weapons you mostly need to mine and when you mine there are multiple chest drops (red green blue orange silver etc). Then you open these chests in chaotic generator to get a "random" reward. For specific weapons you can trade them from the 3rd button on the bottom right (red chest icon), for example if you upgrade your raptor to +6, you can trade it with avedon +3. I tried many ways to hack items/coins/chests but i couldn't find a way to get through it because i don't have any idea what im doing :) I even extracted the apk file and searched for the item variables inside the "r.class" but it doesn't seem to be working. I would like to know if any of you find a way to dupe items somehow, or twist the tradable items to trade them with easier items. Like instead of trading avedon +3 with a raptor +6, it would be so much easier to trade Maul +8 with an avedon +3 because you can byu maul +8 with 750.000 coins. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding how the game works. Thanks in advance.
  23. Game name? Sent from my Redmi Y1 Lite using Tapatalk
  24. SHUVAM

    Unkilled LUA help

    Write scripts dont use gg for it Sent from my Redmi Y1 Lite using Tapatalk
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