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    Detected game modifier gow can i fix it ?
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  3. open fail. You get in "file" nil. And next line crash script.
  4. This is some code file = io.open(g.sel[1]..'X', 'w') file:write("") file:close() local filex = io.open(g.sel[1], "r") assert(filex) repeat local data = filex:read("*l") if data ~= nil then local sf1 = string.find(data, "gg.editAll") local sf2 = string.find(data, "gg.toast") local sf3 = string.find(data, "gg.searchNumber") local sf4 = string.find(data, "gg.alert") local sf5 = string.find(data, "gg.getResultCount") local sf6 = string.find(data, "gg.getResults") local sf7 = string.find(data, "gg.setVisible") local sf8 = string.find(data, "gg.setRanges") local sf9 = string.find(data, "gg.clearResults") local sf10 = string.find(data, "gg.setVisible") local sf11 = string.find(data, "gg.addListItems")
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  6. How do i do it because its not working
  7. Zig

    Script Danger Close

    Do not update the game
  8. here is the lua script, seems hard to decrypt script.ENC.lua
  9. I have been hacking Gold in NFS No Limits for years with GameGuardian using the loading screen hack (Gold Value *****;327680;327699::5) and never had any problems but today the game crashes after changing the values. I tested it 3 ways on 3 different devices all with the same results, the game crashes after changing the values. Can someone please confirm if this method still works or if they're having the same problem? If so does anyone have a new working method? Device 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OS: Nougat 7.1 LineageOS Root: YES Results: Game Crashes Device 2: LG V20 OS: Oreo 8.0 Root: NO (Parallel Light with Game Guardian) Results: Game Crashes Device 3: Laptop PC OS: BlueStacks 4 Root: YES (BSTweaker5) Results: Game Crashes
  10. V4cK

    Game is closed

    Hi. when i search any value or ejecut script my game is crashed and says GAME DIED ERROR, im root, the game is arena of valor
  11. What game are you having issues with?
  12. Hello i was editing value in one game everyday since few months but know i edit it and i going back to main value Its weird becouse there was no update on this game I edit coin Value for example from 400 to 20 000 , then i see i have 20 000 but after refresh it goes back to 400 Please help
  13. orrans

    Script Danger Close

    It's says it's outdated
  14. View File Script Danger Close Made by Zig List of hack * Invisible * Hide hud * Glide * No cooldown grenade * Field Of View Modifier * Fire rate Modifier Thanks for using script No Encryption script Submitter Zig Submitted 06/24/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  15. WinnerZ1


    Help, I want to know how to hack.
  16. May be its bcs part of script where file = io.open its not successfuly . Check if io open file is true . Or may be its bcs u have just mistake and io.open is not "file" , its may be just another word . Show me script or this part of script and i will tell u whats error here .
  17. Help !!Get stuck when try to encrypt file Script ended: Perhaps this script needs the latest version of GameGuardian. Try to update to the latest version. Script error: luaj.LuaError: @/storage/17F0-065B/Download/Exynos/basic_compiler.lua:77 `file:write("")` attempt to index ? (a nil value) with key 'write' level = 1, pc = 193 stack traceback: /storage/17F0-065B/Download/Exynos/basic_compiler.lua:77 in main chunk [Java]: in ? at luaj.LuaValue.error(LuaValue.java:1075) at luaj.LuaValue.indexerror(LuaValue.java:2923) at luaj.LuaValue.gettable(LuaValue.java:2830) at luaj.LuaValue.get(LuaValue.java:1178) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:298) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:145) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:5490) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:5291) Script wrote 0 B in 2 files Try to use many encryption but alway stuck ***:write("") code
    I think it's a quite good script Almost everything works if you do it right (almost because damage and gold mod somehow don't work. for me i don't know why it didn't work)
  18. ivoc

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    that would be great especially to change the skills
  19. you can use game guardian to search address skill and edit value or u can search in .net then edit with game guardian i cant teach you using game guardian from beginning broo
  20. This didn't work on my phone, but works on bluestacks. I noticed that when selecting the process on the phone, it's running x64, so probably the reason it's not working.
  21. ivoc

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    oh yes very easy especially if I have no knowledge or know what programs to use hahaha
  22. Version 1.0


    Made by Zig List of hack * Invisible * Hide hud * Glide * No cooldown grenade * Field Of View Modifier * Fire rate Modifier Thanks for using script No Encryption script
  23. Is there any way to duplicate objects? same last day? thanks
  24. Enyby

    Start boutton

    Gathering information about GG errors (#9ggo57t)
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