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  2. Rooted, downloaded the game from playstore. I guess it's because on phone, it's x64 so the current script doesn't work, unfortunately. Still works on bluestacks, though I still haven't tried on 1.12.3
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  4. Man you're excellent ! I don't know how you managed to locate all those lost binaries inside the schmilblick of the memory in this game ! don't listen to those who don't even know on which kind of architecture their phones turn on keep going, hope I'll reach that level of reversing one day
  5. And? You try all possible types and this is not resolve your problem?
  6. yeyr

    BTS World

    why are you so mad LOL
  7. Booingot

    Hero Hunters

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hotheadgames.google.free.survivors Can anything be hacked? Gems, bux, damage?
  8. Whats the fun if you cant play with hacked car in mp or TLE? The moment you enter with a hacked car you are in cb . and the way @Enyby showed to hack credits . It takes only 20-30 min to get ban. No dis respect but your tricks are out dated dude & if we request something new you just ignore or deny. Have You become like gameloft ? [added 3 minutes later] And by the way your lucky patcher cloud id changr script also dont work anymore. My root is working fine. Before i updated lucky patcher & before asphalt's 4.3.0j update it worked . Now it dosent.
  9. zerocyberzevolution


    i already try it, in my device redmi 5a fine working
  10. Ahh please create new file for new version sorry because mobile legends is updated so I can't use that file
  11. how you solve i still have this problem @Un_Known
  12. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    I will make a vip script which will cost 5~10$. It can work on x64 and x86 devices. Also more features will added in.
  13. Can someone explain to me how to edit the values of Gold and gems with this new encryption?
  14. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    Owh wait no, wheel reward
  15. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    Gems I'm not sure if your method is same with me or not. But mine method was patch since last two minor version.
  16. NoFear

    Archero Script

    I might show you my method for this game.... Gems/Energy.... Assuming they didn't patch it. Unlikely. Can't patch what isn't known.
  17. Hello, The adresses seems to have changes in 1.12.2, no purple value found to find the pointer any fix to expect ?
  18. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    Damn nice! I just realize they changed all the addresses of the game after the night I publish new version.
  19. Have you tried changing the type of floating window?
  20. Help pls Iruna detects GG and how not to get banned
  21. Confirmed most of the script is working in 1.12.3 update
  22. No sir its problem in GUI in video i click Icon GG and should display like this: and video not show just Eye Icon .
  23. @Enyby i am will to do a hack on championship online. You can say its for research purpose. My question is will get banned? If so how can i get unbanned? Lucky patcher says to upgrae my or root is not stable but my SpuerSU is at it latest & updating root is out of question. Should i unroot & root my device again?
  24. Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War (Early Access) they have added shop in latest update. is it possible to make a script for the shop like ldoe have?
  25. Still working as of 1.12.3 i wonder if someone can update this. if its going to vip would like to avail 10/10
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