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  2. File not a valid script for GameGuardian.
  3. Anyone knows how to fix it? Script terminado: Script error: luaj.LuaError: load /storage/emulated/0/Hacks FF/SCRIPT HS 100% ANTI BAN 100% SD.lua: luaj.LuaError: /storage/emulated/0/Hacks FF/SCRIPT HS 100% ANTI BAN 100% SD.lua:1 `Revo6.0��o�;��{���:X���2�g.s��pkȞP��-y8���.w`�͎/x�)��N���{��|���F7�R:�L�[,:���!5}���6:�0�s���/P���K���hƗ��d...` syntax error near '.0 PLS
  4. Figure out Encryption method, then can write any value you want.
  5. 4931,How to set the number to any value? For example 99999,think you
  6. Yesterday
  7. Add simoleons through citizen offers, should still work. If this is possible, can I change quantity to desired one? How are those 3 values calculated?
  8. Hi dear NoFear,big thanks for you work! Can you find IDs or pointers of currencies for get it from neomall?
  9. it's wonderful. thanx ou all..! Please tell us how to increase the simoleon and increase the level ... You made me so happy that I can not ...
  10. Is there a setting for displaying different data types in memory editor? I can't find it anywhere :s EDIT: Nevermind, got it In case if anyone wondered, go into memory editor view, press menu, value format, "S: String representation"
  11. They won't. Or shouldn't. It's an unlisted video And thank you.
  12. Darazu

    Werewolf Online

    Hello guys Im not sur that what yous ask is something that we can hack But i think that someone with more knowledge that me could find a way to write a script who could turn the wheel of gold It could even be easy for someone who know how to use orc ( or something like that) because the biggest thing is that the button move so it is impossible to use something like Frep
  13. Brilliant! I'm in awe of your reverse engineering skills. EA really tried hard to obfuscate things this time. Thank you so much for your efforts!! [added 2 minutes later] A word to the wise... download the video asap to your devices in case EA moles ask YT to take it down.
  14. @NoFear may I have the name of plugin showing 4 characters in single quotation marks? Thanks for guide
  15. thank you for burning our brains :)) @NoFear this is computer science... will take long time for decoding it
  16. thank you very much :)))) lets see if we can understand it without written guide.(ı dont think so) but lets see :))
  17. you post this same matter already in another post earlier.why post a new one?? its online game...and from Miniclip. Dont hope for quick and easy solutions.. if someone found a way to hack it...sure they do response.
  18. I wouldn't mind seen the video without instructions. It's been fairly easy to follow what's going on in past videos.
  19. I didn't post link yet. Unless you want to try and follow it without a written guide.
  20. It seems like gameguadian's speek hack can't work on the game
  21. Help me please Error: Added Expiration (Year\Month\Day) Added Password for start script Error File can not be encrypted ! Script Wrote 258 B in 0 files
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