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  2. How to find and hack the Progressbar to be always at 100% For example in CriticalOps a Defuse Hack haha
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  4. NoFear


    @Enyby Arm64 Hex E1030032 E003142A E203152A E3031FAA Op code ORR W1, WZR, #1 MOV W0, W20 MOV W2, W21 MOV X3, XZR GG opcode ORR W1, WZR, #-0x1 ORR W0, WZR, W20 ORR W2, WZR, W21 ORR X3, XZR, XZR Edit: Arm64 Hex BF02006B Opcode CMP W21, W0 Gg Opcode Subs wzr, w21, w0
  5. BadCase

    Day R Survival

    Hey, all of my scripts are now used from my script launcher here is the link BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo)
  6. Please update the script !! :D nice work sir !
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  8. Hi, I know how to mod everything in Tropic escape except for boosts. I can level up with GG, gems, items, photos, keys, gems, sand dollars, sunshine, keys. I would like to learn to do the boosts. Is anyone willing to help me? Please and thank you.
  9. It is possible to have... In fact it was one of the first games that Game Guardian was used exclusively for... You just have to go through more steps than other games
  10. Not possible... Gameloft has had that games security on full lockdown since it became free back in 2016
  11. Is there any way at all to hack the values in this game? There use to be a way by putting in the following code and then all the values for money and gold would show up and you could change them Your gold --> ;327680;327699::5
  12. @BadCase on the previous page in which you provided a link for a free version of the script(I'm assuming), I believe it is broken or the file was removed. Can you confirm what happened?
  13. Great to hear but how can I get acces to his script library? edit: I think I find out https://badcase.org/ I am looking for your script.i will be happy to be donor
  14. Plans to create script with @BadCase for his script library.
  15. Now you see the frustration.... It's not that everyone has it.... It's that people think these joke YouTubers did it.
  16. Yea that will also work.I tried to pm you but it doesn’t allow me to.
  17. Go search on YouTube! There is already some people who posted the hacks there and everyone saying "Good job!" To them. Now I understand you. This will be gone by the weekend Shame on these people who says that they made the hack! Seriously give Nofear some credit for his hours and hours of work. [added 3 minutes later] And I have been banned for 7 day's and everything will be reset.
    Still force close. Are you sure if you update the script dude?
  18. Pretty sure Gumi caught on and fixed the Esper editing method.
  19. View File Foward Assault Simple Hacks Script . Hello guys. It is script for foward assault script . I put all simple and easy hacks that will make your game funny . If u have any problems ask me in describtion . Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 04/25/2019 Category Forward Assault  
  20. Good evening to you, first, I thank you for reading me ((I'm not english so please be cool ^^) Here's my little problem, I try for more than 7 hours to install an old version of the game,Eternium , mageandMinions .the 1.3.40 precisely but I can not, I used the guide who spoke about it, (kokokeke by the way )and I could not find any solution on the web, I thought maybe you could have some solution to bring me. I use MEMU, I have the APK of the 1.3.40 AND 1.3.46,apk root, root explorer, the complete update file. But even modifying it, I do not have the impression that it is taken into account, hell, it's gray, as if my modifications did not apply on this file, I hope to be enlightened by your light if you come to read me, Good evening!
  21. Version


    Hello guys. It is script for foward assault script . I put all simple and easy hacks that will make your game funny . If u have any problems ask me in describtion .
  22. Only crystals? Would you consider gold/bro bot xp/atk/def/special atk cooldown....?
  23. Does the damage stat change hack only works on the first character?
  24. I am willing to pay good amount of money that gives unlimited crystal which works for hawk squadron game.Please pm or post here.
  25. What's sad, gameloft only needs to release a minor patch update with lib changing by 1byte and it ends all mods.
  26. Nah no worries man just chatting. I am not a modder so I don't have any knowledge about lib modding. I only know from game guardian. So if this mod gets outdated, then I will try my slow a** hack. I like your work btw and thank you for spending hours on this mod [added 2 minutes later] Wow there is too much players on Multiplayer using this mod. How did it get out that fast. And wow the weekly computation is full of hackers.
  27. Dont Downloads its you will get bann from the game 5 min dont ues you time
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