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Real Racing 3 (9.8.4) All Drivers & Teams Principal Hack

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About This File



Current version:


Working RR3: 9.8.4



Run this script to get the maximum levels of drivers and teams principals. You still need gold and m$ to level up, but no points.



Run the script wherever you want and then update your drivers and teams. You need at least one point if you want your upgrades to be permanent. Otherwise, select the appropriate entry when you run the script.


Known issues:



THANKS TO @impy !!!




Edited by MarioRossi93i

What's New in Version   See changelog


- Working RR3 v9.6.0

- Added F1 2021 Team Principal


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Hello Friend again I want to tell you that the last script does not work for me I have a screenshot of what it says, I changed the privacy terms and it does not work I do not know if I am doing something wrong thanks


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37 minutes ago, MarioRossi93i said:

When i ll have some time to spend, i ll try to update it, anyway at the moment only something is even working

Yeah. There are some things that work perfectly but I like « autowin » it’s so faster win a race. 

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On 11/2/2020 at 11:32 PM, Zalafi14 said:

Bro, can you share dword value for team principal?


Formula 1:

Formula E and GTE:


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4 hours ago, Zalafi14 said:

Thanks Bro

But this in not permanent. Like a side server


Don t select checkbox when you run the script. Changes will be permanent. Or set values to 1, not to 0. You need at least 1 point to level up.

Edited by MarioRossi93i
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Mario Brothers, hello, please help me. How can I change the level. I am now at level 299. I want to change it within 100 miles. How can I change it? thank you!

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Can you please update it to work with latest version?

It is much appreciated


Edited by Giannibusetto
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It return this error:


Script ended:

Script error: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9.


attempt to index ? (a nil value) with key 'address' (field '?')

level = 1, const = 12, proto = 0, upval = 3, vars = 13, code = 51

GETTABLE v12 v12 "address"

 ; PC 41 CODE 06424307 OP 7 A 12 B 12 C 265 Bx 6409 sBx -124662

stack traceback:

 /storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9. in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9.>

 /storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9. in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9.>

 /storage/emulated/0/Download/rr3_driver_team_levels.v9. in main chunk

 [Java]: in ?

 at luaj.LuaValue.f(src:989)

 at luaj.LuaValue.c(src:2864)

 at luaj.LuaValue.i(src:2767)

 at luaj.LuaValue.w(src:1094)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:363)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:176)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:535)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.l(src:160)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:533)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.l(src:160)

 at android.ext.Script.d(src:6056)

 at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785)

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