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Note: Read everything before you ask !! (Do not move my script out from this forum without my permission.)
Asking technique:
Elaborate your situation clearly.

1. Did you follow the bypass instruction?
2. Did you root your device?
3. Which hack you used?
4. You using it in game or match?
5. When does it not working?
6. Is it not working all the time?
7. Did you try the script before asking?

Protection bypass  (New Version No Detection)

Now you can no longer use older version of Archero. In order to run script in newest version, devices require to root!!
- Download memu https://www.memuplay.com/
- Download Nox 6 
- Download virtual xposed 

VirtualXposed (#1hw64j76)

- Use game guardian 81.0 or above. 
- Watch the tutorial to bypass any detection from games. 

Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx)
- Hide game guardian from game. Tick 2nd and 3rd options.

Features of the script: 
1.Gold hack
2.Energy and level hack
3.Obsidian chest hack
4.Stats hack (Health, Attack speed, Damage)
5.Items hack
6.Infinite revive with 1 gem


No root guide (NEW):

1. Download virtual space. (eg. Parallel Space, Virtual Xposed etc.)
2. Download Game Guardian in no root mode (x64 for phone).
3. Add Game Guardian and Archero into Parallel Space as example.
4. Tick 2nd, 3rd and 4th options in hide gg from game guardian. 
5. Enjoy the hack.


Online script usage and game guardian settings.

Q & A 

Here are some common question that I randomly pick.

About bypass the protection (Any problem you can't find here are probably in instructions above, read before ask!)


Q: Archero still detect Game Guardian even my Game Guardian is in virtual space.
A: Uninstall Game Guardian from system, leave only Game Guardian that in virtual space.

Q: Can I hack the game without rooting my device?

Q: I had install my Game Guardian in virtual space but I still can't find my game in process.
A: Make sure you gave root permission to Game Guardian in virtual space. (Once again the link is in bypass protection instruction, scroll up to check)

Q: The game still detect Game Guardian after I done all these.
A: Read the solution made by @MrCanan 

Archero Script (#4ekk8g9d)

Q: My game crash after the script start searching value.
A: Select Hide game guardian from the game and tick 2nd and 3rd option. (If not work, try tick 4th option also.)

Q: I can't see the small icon of my game.
A: That's normal, doesn't affect your hack.

Q: I followed all the instructions by my game still crash after around 20 seconds of startup.
A: Device problem, change device. If you are using android emulator, use Nox or Memu. Bluestack may not work for some people.

Q: The game shows me "Your hardware does not support this application, sorry!" after I restart the game.
A: Do not use Game Guardian's restart option, restart the game manually.

About hack


Q: After hacking my level, my level revert after I restart the game.
A: Level hacking is to unlock skills, after your level turn to 100, go skill tree and unlock the skills. Your level will always revert after using this hack.

Q: I only get one equipment even I set it to x9999.
A: For equipment hack, no matter what value you set, you can only get one equipment after buying. Only scroll can have incredible large value.




What's New in Version 2.2.0   See changelog


-Support x64 hack.
-Online script.
-Remade of all features.

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   9 of 11 members found this review helpful 9 / 11 members


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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

I think it's a quite good script

Almost everything works if you do it right (almost because damage and gold mod somehow don't work. for me i don't know why it didn't work) 

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Detected game modifier gow can i fix it ?

Response from the author:

Description stated very clearly.

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Scenario very good but needs update

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It got as far as patching, but a few features don't work anymore in version 1.2.3 of archero. 

I'll be waiting for an update. 

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the script works great but the item hack is not working for me.. i already watched the tutorial on the item hack but not working. By the way thank you very much

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