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Order and Chaos Online hack by ZineaHUN 001.08

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Memory range bugs fixed. OFF option added for multiple options.

A little information as to why I created it.  : My first aspect at the beginning is the setback.  The revenge was against the hackers I first met in the arena, and with the help of a damage hack at the time, they were killed, several times.  Or a few used speedhack even then.  These players broke for me the illusion that had hitherto led me without the exploitation of fraud and error.  I was very disappointed and decided to cut back on my own.  That's why the first version also has an option called the speedhack arena. But after my anger ended and the wound hack was fixed, I started focusing on making the arena respectful.  How you will be strong should be your business.  You take advantage of factory defects or not, it's your individual decision again. BUT DO NOT USE ANY OPTION OF SCRIPT IN THE ARENA PLEASE!  !!!  If you still cheat in an arena, you are fooling yourself.  And you don't respect others by entering the arena without hacking. The essence of the arena would be to show you what you can bring out with the given opportunities.  However, if you cheat in my arena with my script, you are showing what my script knows, not what you know.  So evolve, go to the dungeon, hurry to do quests, help others.  But arena remain sacred and inviolable, there you become the master, not a script.

 You don't need too much text here, basically everyone knows how a script works.Then you can activate it. The script is not perfect, but it is perfect for spinning or using it.

 I hope I can help those who want to progress faster!

(((((((((((((((In order to make it easier for you to access all menu items, I will describe it in more detail.-->


"Speedhack (slow) (just backwards),Speedhack not slow (just backwards),Speedhack good speed (just backwards),Speedhack very fast speed oO (just backwards)"-->

The best possible speed hack is specially not to disturb your normal normal speed.  However, you can back at any speed from a difficult situation or just in a solo dungeon.  If you want another speed, you need to go back or restart the game.

"Flying hack to the dungeon SRL (you can fly by jump)"-->

 Fun and funny.  Activate by character selection and then back to SRL.

"Wallhack for vegas, pvp zone, to spatial spells"-->

In the Wispering Islands / Vega Square.Pvp you can fight and heal with long distance spells.  There are not many things that I have just put into jokes.Activate by character selection and then back to Vega.

"Flying hack to the dungeon MZL (you can fly by jump)"-->

 Fun and funny.  Activate by character selection and then back to MZL.

"Everything horizontal, no relief!"-->

Would you like to look around?  Or do you want to get to places that are hard to reach for you?  Anyone interested in a hidden boss or area?  Then activate the character selector and go to the area you are looking for without bumping into walls!  Then go back and press a step back in the GG. You'll go back and you will be there where you may not have known before.

"Speedhack superfast!, Speedhack to dungeon.-->

You decide how much you want to be quick.  How much do you want to hurry when you run xp, gold, or dungeon.  You can be strikingly fast, but it can be accelerated in your motion.  To avoid freezing, if you want to change speed, go to the character selector.))))))))))


Server synchronization on-off.

What is this option good for ???  - - - >> Talent mixing.You can save all the guild spells for yourself. You can save all the protector spells you use. Or who knows what you'll think of only so you can use it to discover it.!!


Maximum distance from character. 

It will become the most visible, visible view in all circumstances. 

What's New in Version 001.08   See changelog


Memory range bugs fixed. OFF option added for multiple options.

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