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I will Post guides here About how to mod :

Unlimited Coins 

Unlimited Diamonds

Get Unlimited Fuel

Unlock All Worlds

Unlock All Vehicles

Remove ads 

All vehicles Full upgraded!

All guides would be posted here so stay tuned


I won't start from scratch

Basic Knowledge About Using IDA 

Basics knowledge of ARM instruction set

Apk signing and libgame.so extraction and putting modified libgame.so into apk.

Hex editor!

Some useful links:

Orginal Apk Link:


Hxd Hex Editor:


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Guide 1: 

Game version : 1.42.2

How to mod so that fuel Increase Instead of decreasing!!


Load the libgame.so into IDA

Note: Modding the ARMEABI-v7a is preferred! Use lib from this folder

And delete other two Folders ARMEABI and ARM64-v8 

Lets start!

Find the offset of mechanism which decides the amount of fuel we have.

I will explain it in another guide on how to find that!

So Now I know that Offset is Libgame.so+0x9ec84

which means when you would load lib file in IDA, press G and enter 0009ec84 it would be the required address!

VMLS.F64 D9 D6 D7 

Ohh! This would be instruction at given address.

 What is it doing? 

so here prefix V stands vector ML for Multiplication and S for Subtraction.

This instruction would be processed by floaing point coprocessor!

Here F.64 means double precision and if it would be F.32 then it would means single precision.

D9 D6 D7 are double precision registers for results and operand

VMLS(Vector Multiply Subtract) multiplies corresponding elements in two vectors, subtracts the results from corresponding elements of the destination vector, and places the final results in the destination vector.

Vector multiplication between content of D6 and D7

Then SUB the  above results from D9

and then placing result of subtraction in D9.

So this is the mechanism.

We will alter this mechanisms in next guide to get unlimited fuel!

Check out ARM reference guide for more information about these instructions.


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Okk so continuing........

Now What's the possibility

okk if VMLS is changed to VMLA then Fuel won't reduce instead it will increase!

VMLA  (Vector Multiply Accumulate) multiplies corresponding elements in two vectors, and accumulates the results into the elements of the destination vector.

To edit it open this file in hex editor and navigate to address 0009ec84

and change Value 479B06EE to 079B06EE

or directly search for pattern 479B06EE and replace it.

NOP can also be used because it do nothing so that fuel will neither increase nor decrease.  For NOP hex code is 00F020E3

Instruction set is Armv7

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