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  1. So, I just logged into the game to see that my progress has deleted even though I was linked to facebook. I had everything up to duel rewards, animals etc. The amount of time I spent on this (yes I’m gonna say it) ***** game is crazy and just for the storyline. It’s impossible for the game to get my progress back since I hacked everything... but yeah, bye now.
  2. You broke your game, you probably put in a negative amount in your coins or gems. You won’t get your game back unless you try to find a way to search for the value that you changed..
  3. What do you need help with? Describe your problem
  4. Hey, that’s my video lol. If you still need help with anything, you can dm me on my ig: elifunlux i’d be happy to help you/anyone out who has trouble with the methods.
  5. That’s the thing, I didn’t even max out the level. It just went like that, besides if level 49 is the max level it should say “max level”. Anyway, thanks
  6. Anyone know how to help me? my level has been stuck like this and I can’t find the value, I’ve tried 4 times now with unknown dword. Help me pls
  7. How do you use an auto click??
  8. Yupp, it does. But when working on like ppl you meet in year 3 and so on, i'd recommend you change the value to like 10.000. Just to be sure they max out, or youll have to do that all again? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later You're welcome, i think you get it in like year 3 when meeting tonks..
  9. My phone is rooted so the speedhack works for me, it takes about 3 times to max someone, the meal, gobstones and butterbeer. If you have those 3 just wait till they're all availeble and start with unknown dword search. It should work after that, but you're right since it takes a long time to max out everyone, but at least its better than nothing.
  10. Unknown D word search, earn friendship points. Put how much points you've earned and click N=O+D. should come up with 1 or 2 results. Click go to, and edit the same way as the energy. Something like 5000 and the 4th one 5000x8. Pause the game too. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Speed hack. Still works for me ?
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