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  1. thanks a lot mate you made my day I did it everything thanks a million time
  2. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. @Dav0O7 @NoFear Which ones are XOR values ? which ones should I have to choose ?
  4. dude I'm going that adress with "Go to" button. I can clearly see my Gold and Gem amount I can change them but Which ones their XOR adresses how canyou understand that ?
  5. @NoFear I can change the value of the gems and coins but you are changing two values in there (for example in 5.32 second) how can you know which code are you changing. I mean I can see that my gems are 30 so I need to change the code with the 30d but after that what should I change please help As a result: I can not understand which one is xor value !
  6. I was trying this but I couldn't find the values... in which section should I have to look for ? from energy section to -diamonds or from market section ?
  7. we are appreciate what you are doing you are the best man thanks a lot we are waiting :))
  8. thx god (u) i hope it'll easy as seen. waiting for you to reveal.
  9. urjiko

    The sims mobile

    when i open gg, game crushes
  10. urjiko

    The sims mobile

    they patched I guess... If someone knows when it can be useable ?
  11. just registered here to UP this topic. I guess @NoFear can make GameGuardian tricks... (I did it myself for energy but if there any solution for the gems idk ??)
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