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  1. Yes, thank you @MarioRossi93i! If only I could figure out how to find the critical values, addresses, and patterns. That's the real gift! (The coding part is easy.) LOL Great job!
  2. Ahhh. Thank you for clarifying that! I'll see if I can figure out how to make the script row-friendly, when I get another chance...
  3. I've seen the term several times, but I don't actually know what it means, so maybe you can help me. What does "row" mean? I literally scripted @impy's instructions, so apologies if the script only works for RR3 North America. (I'm new to scripting for RR3.) Thank you for the tip about the Driver Levels. I must've missed it, so I added it (along with a "RR3 North America only" disclaimer) to my super simple script. RR3_8.7.0_Hack_Principals_v1.1.0.lua
  4. I apologize for the off-topic post, but I couldn't figure out how to comment to the Real Racing 3 ver. 8.7.0 ALL Team Principals Cheat post... @MarioRossi93i, thanks for your help picking up @BreadKiller's RR3_Hack script. I hope you can figure out how to get it working with the 8.7.0 release of RR3. I saw that you offered to create a script for the All Team Principals Cheat. I wrote a very rudimentary script based on @impy's instructions and video. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to comment to that post, or how to upload the script, so I figured I'd attach it on a somewhat related post. I hope someone enjoys the script. RR3_Hack_8.7.0_Principals.lua
  5. Sorry, guys, I couldn't figure out how to edit my original post, so here's an update: I am now on RR v 8.3.2. I updated to GameGuardian v96.0. I then followed @IyeVice's post: The script works perfectly! I'm not sure if the GG upgrade helped, or if it was the older script, but it certainly worked. I did notice that I was originally running GameGuardian v94.0 for Nox Bluestacks, and I upgraded to regular GameGaurdian v96.0 (i.e. not the Nox Bluestacks version). I'm just happy the script worked! I figured I'd share, in case anyone else experienced this issue. @BreadKiller and @IyeVice : thank you both for your posts!
  6. Thanks! This is confirmed to work perfectly.
  7. I'm on version 8.2.1, but, even though the hack says it supports 8.2.1, the script keeps breaking on me. I hope the script is updated soon. Script ended: Script error: luaj.LuaError: /storage/emulated/0/Download/RR3 Hack 3.0.0.lua:-1 attempt to index ? (a nil value) with key 'start' (field '1') level = 1, const = 71, proto = 10, upval = 1, vars = 25, code = 150 GETTABLE v11 v11 "start" ; PC 91 CODE 05CA82C7 OP 7 A 11 B 11 C 298 Bx 5930 sBx -125141 stack traceback: /storage/emulated/0/Download/RR3 Hack 3.0.0.lua: in main chunk [Java]: in ? at luaj.LuaValue.error(LuaValue.java:989) at luaj.LuaValue.indexerror(LuaValue.java:2864) at luaj.LuaValue.gettable(LuaValue.java:2767) at luaj.LuaValue.get(LuaValue.java:1094) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:363) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:160) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:5894) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:5623)
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