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  1. No need for a screen record. Maybe they patched it. Did u try reinstalling the game??
  2. maybe this helps. Pls dont mind the lagg 20200303_153631.mp4
  3. U mean this right?? Just type 1250 and search as dword.
  4. U need to enable appear on top in settings. Srry for the LATE response
  5. What is the name of the game?

    5 Heroes

    I tried with and without syncing and it still works. Try reinstalling the game. Some times that works to.
  7. No need to try its a bandai inc. game. So its server sided [added 1 minute later] Maybe there are some mods like naruto blazing has god mode.

    5 Heroes

    Yeah they do, can u send a screen record when u group search maybe you forgot something u dont know of.

    5 Heroes

    Just group search both the coins and gems.
  10. Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.sharklab.rogueadventure Can someone help me hack the coins and gems in this game. Thx
  11. Is this feature( the one where he changed something in the memory ) in GG.
  12. To group search you need to use " ; " for example 449;3999
  13. Maybe you ddnt enable float in the settings of this app.
  14. I tried that many times but it ddnt work for me. But im happy it works for u
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