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  1. Hello sir. How to fix this. I already updated all my apps. Clear the data of everything etc.
  2. Still safe TS? Btw. Thanks for your update
  3. Hello TS. When will you update? Hehe i duno but my ml keeps me reconnecting. Hehe thanks in advance
  4. Hello Sir. I just want to ask if u can do it on PVZ3?? I just want diaz.. Thanks in advance if u teach me
  5. Hi your new script said invalid header. What's the meaning of this. Im not pro with using gg. Im sorry., btw thanks
  6. Onions96

    Critical Ops

    Aww. It's ok. Btw. Thanks for your script.
  7. Onions96

    Critical Ops

    Tutorial for non rooted device pls.
  8. Sorry my bad. I mean when you run the script it only takes seconds then the app(mobile legends) starting to force close. That is why my credit points gets lower.
  9. Thanks for this. But can you put a video tutorial? Thanks thanks thanks
  10. Hello maam/Sir. Pls update for the new ML patch version its not stable now on GG ver. 85. If you run the script it takes 10 seconds then the the app starting to force close. Btw. Im very thankful for this script.
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