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  1. @Whalala it will not work Until you have root( I think this dosen't work anymore so install Magisk Manager to install YOU NEED TWRP for magisk manager once you installed TWRP do the steps below : 1 install magisk manager zip 2 boot into TWRP 3 install magisk zip Go to install then go to the place where you installed magisk zip Example Storage>emulated>0>downloads 4 when you installed magisk reboot then go to Magisk manager settings enable magisk hide 5 tick archero and your done YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL GG WITH VIRTUAL XPOSED JUST PUT IT ON THE HOMSCREEN
  2. Do you Have root ? Root is Needed for Archero
  3. @Whalala Avoid detection - root from virtual space - VirtualXposed, GameGuardian (#29vpqmdx)
    Good Script Works Perfect
  4. SB2P

    Melobeat Speedhack

    @D1M4 Good Script, ive improved it no need to change by yourself anymore @D1M4 update it if you want Velobeat.lua
  5. @Rebound yes magisk is a app like super su but with more futeres you can root with kingroot or something like that and then run twrp and install magisk i already installed it on my lenovo k3 note im not saying you should install it but it's up to you OR use memu and install the mod by gamemod.pro and gg and your done
  6. @Rebound you cant do it parrel space dosent have google play games(i think) But Virtualxposed You can download google play games from the settings but it dosent work i think now to play archero you need magisk hide OR download This mod by gamemod.pro without doing nothing just download and your done dont add it to parell space or virtualxposed just download and open GG no need to use root in virtualxposed
  7. SB2P

    Mega Script

    @Rama7772017 your archero script gold ,stats,energy, lvl doesn't work on ver 1.13 on 1.03 I'm not sure pm if you want me to help
  8. did you follow the steps correctly check again im using magisk hid use this if you have magisk manager @orrans
  9. @orrans https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/581-avoid-detection-root-from-virtual-space-virtualxposed-gameguardian/
  10. its becuase its ver 1.02 so it cant detect gg
  11. SB2P

    Archero game

    i tried chest hack like turning them to -300 but it dident work
  12. SB2P

    Archero game

    here Archero Mod Menu&How To undetect GG (#8nobfvul)
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