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  1. Hi to all friends; I hacked all the items(exp,golden keys,war items etc) with my new account 1)ım in legit side now I can see all legit clubs 2) I can join them But the PROBLEM is..my friends from facebook and from other clubs cant see anything in my store and buy them and also I cant see any items for to buy in their store.Is only my store(buying/selling) banned by EA?? Anyone knows something about this issue? Thank you
  2. Hi Cheaters; Any news about leveling EXPERIENCE,adding WARCASH-NEOCASH and GOLDEN KEYS ??
  3. Do you think ea will send me to naughty server if ı buy these cards?? Too afraid of it
  4. 1)experience 2)simeleons 3)warcash 4)neocash 5)golden keys.. all are UNKNOWN.I tried many ways similar to old method.Game crashed in every try
  5. Hi everyone and @NoFear The video is perfect...I did everything perfectly but... I need to learn 3 things 1) how will ı change the value of item in neomall (ex:in the video 4931 x vu batteries) ı want to change 4931 2) how to add warcash and neocash 3) how to add golden keys...if you know how to change them please write.Thanks to all
  6. @leon183 are you in naughty server? Can anyone show me only how to buy war cards from neomall please?
  7. thank you for burning our brains :)) @NoFear this is computer science... will take long time for decoding it
  8. thank you very much :)))) lets see if we can understand it without written guide.(ı dont think so) but lets see :))
  9. before update everthing was easy..exp:702;15 dword..when you find 6x (0,0,0,0,0,0) warcash,platınum keys,golden keys,leveling,neocash,simeleons..now you cant even find zeros
  10. Also if its possible can you add making warcash and golden keys to the video:) it was so easy before update.300golden keys/400.000 warcash was okay per day without causing you sending to naughty island
  11. I never bought buildings.But I bought everything boosters,war cards etc.now its impossible for me.I am finding the product in neomall when ı add 1 to its amount.game is closing itself.Iwill be very happy if you can find its way
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